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  1. What are you running Windows 7 on?

    did u just copy and past my specs form my above post??? orignal post Windows 7 X64 Ultimate 7600 RTM with real CD key. <Thank you MSDN> AlienWare Arura AMD Phanton 4x 2.2hgz 16GIG Ram Nvidia G260 896 VRam Nvidia PhysicX Nvidia Vision 3D with Samsung SyncMaster 2233 120HZ 7.1Sound 4TB HDD runs way better then XP and Vista in fact XP wont even install on this rig. so u copied most of it? why>?
  2. What are you running Windows 7 on?

    "running quite well for an old girl" ^^^^^^ funny that what your grl said too.... hmmm
  3. What are you running Windows 7 on?

    lets see Windows 7 X64 Ultimate 7600 RTM with real CD key. <Thank you MSDN> AlienWare Arura AMD Phanton 4x 2.2hgz 16GIG Ram Nvidia G260 896 VRam Nvidia PhysicX Nvidia Vision 3D with Samsung SyncMaster 2233 120HZ 7.1Sound 4TB HDD runs way better then XP and Vista in fact XP wont even install on this rig.
  4. Cant (re)install Vista on a hackintosh

    Download and burning cd image Gpart to disc... restart PC and run off CD.. in gpart blow partions and HD..... then crate a NTFS drive... http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php u may have to set master table to DOS instead of Unix table settings.... I can;t remember what they are now notice the bottome left were it says DiskLableType MS Dos... u have to make sure your HDD reads that in order to make a NTFS driver or partion I bet with a little fiddling around with Gart you;ll get it .. once u do get it and have a NTFS Drive made reinstall windows then
  5. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    thats my points.. windows seven is continuing what windows vista started ..transaction from old way to new way....MS knows it can;t be done over night so why should u expect it to be done over night.. before ya know it the entire Desktop and UI will be all render Visa GPU and stored on the GPU Memory after all to change something u brake something.. Like OSX Classic to OSX 10.X.X the only difference is MS ist doing it all at once like Mac did.. Witch is a downer. MS sohuld have done what Apple did ..do it all at once take the bigest blow and then move on... instead of draging it out one part at a time well holding on to the past with the future...
  6. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    right now it mite be 99% but just like when vista first came out and changed a a lot of this so will dose windows seven.. the fact that DirectWrite is being pushed out the door means 2-3 years from now most if not all apps will be programed with DirectWrite instead of GDI as Hara Taiki said "Also, it's all about hardware 3D now. 2D is dying out, didn't you realize this"
  7. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    heres ignorance^^^^ just becuz windows 7 GDI in your view blows out the a@@ dose not mean it takes the entire os down! as for the statement above in the long run windows Seven dose in fact {censored} all over Xp and vista after all theres more to a os then GDI or are u blinded by the fact that this small irreverent GDI problem have your eyes distorted for the real view of windows seven? oh talking about the lack of GDI have you ever wonder why this really is! Or are u still gripping to the past... if you havn't got from underneath your rock let me give u what you been missing "DirectWrite is one of the new additions to the DirectX family of APIs in Windows 7. DirectWrite enables better readability, adds support for a large variety of languages and scripts, and in conjunction with Direct2D provides superior rendering performance for Windows applications. Applications can also use DirectWrite with GDI and carry forward existing investments in the Win32 code base. You can read more about DirectWrite here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd...28VS.85%29.aspx
  8. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    just to shuffle things up all this talk about GUI and slowness. and in some cases OSX how come no ones charmed in about X.11/Xorg Gnome/KDE/Xface? or dose linux really suck that much that no one talks of it.. actually linux really dose suck that bad but thats no my point
  9. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    hmm I tried your idea with my windows xp sp3 and when I resize the service windows it lags with white..... a lot of white.. I even manged to freeze it twice. I also noticed your running 8600GT 256 with is 4.0 Pixal shader but only 8-16 pipelines depending your who made the 8600GT your running... Im running a card that has 36 Pixel pipelines for anyone out ther that runs windows hold down the windows key(beside alt) + "E" for about 10 seconds.. now thats interesting stuff if u ask me
  10. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    VooD I actually tried to do what you did in your video.. nope I just can't seem to do it on my ring I even tryed it in classic view no go there ether...
  11. Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    Im running windows Seven X64 RTM.. any slow issues here? Nope lets see the specs are as followed AlianWare Aurua AMD Phanton X4 2.2GHZ 16 GIG ram 7.1 Sound Nvidia G260 896MB nope no issues here.. oh did I forget to tell u it runs faster and draws 2d/3d images quicker then windows xp sp3 dose? it must be that x64 with 16 gig that dose it compared to x86 with only 3 gig usable? my point is don't expect to run a os that is 9 years newer then your hardware.. and if you do run it. you by rights have no rights to complain about it. and if your looking for a os that lets say over 9 year dosn't improve much run linux. for example Fedora Core 1-11 not much as changed beside a few kernel updates with ether KDE or Grome slightly updated.. in the end FC11 is almost the same FC1. Were it can run the same packages as well as install and run the same performance on the same hardware over a 9 year period what your really looking for is not change at all.. your one of those people that alwazs live in the past and can never seem to jump into the flowing stream of ever changing life
  12. Randomness. Worst Windows OS?

    hey come on knock off the windows ME being BS stuff or em I one of the few % that actually liked it? well for started the only blue screen I ever got from windows ME waz the Opss I ejected the CD well it waz in use bluescreen. other then that it worked flawless for me mac Classic from os 6.1 to 9.0 had to by far the worst os ever to use. Lack of system setting, and by far real lack of 3rd Party software next up linux from lets say the years of Fedora Core 5 down to RedHat 7 (witch had the first semi useable UI) same reason as Mac Classic come to think of it I think my Dos 5.0 and Windows 3.1 had more software available then ether linux and mac together had
  13. Windows 7 Program Compatibility List

    ALL WORKS UNDER WINDOWS SEV7EN X64 µTorrent 7-Zip 4.63 Acronis Disk Director Suite Ad-Aware Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin Advertising Center Alcohol 120% AMD Fusion for Gaming Beta Apple Mobile Device Support Apple Software Update ATI Catalyst Install Manager AviSynth 2.5 Bonjour Call of Duty® - World at War Call of Duty® 4 - Modern Warfare Canon G.726 WMP-Decoder Canon MovieEdit Task for ZoomBrowser EX Canon RAW Image Task for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Utilities CameraWindow Canon Utilities CameraWindow DC Canon Utilities CameraWindow DC_DV 6 for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Utilities MyCamera Canon Utilities MyCamera DC Canon Utilities PhotoStitch Canon Utilities RemoteCapture DC Canon Utilities RemoteCapture Task for ZoomBrowser EX Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser EX Canon ZoomBrowser EX Memory Card Utility CCleaner (remove only) ConvertXtoDVD Defcon Patch 1.43 DolbyFiles EA Download Manager Fraps (remove only) Google Talk (remove only) GTA San Andreas Guitar Hero III Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Hospital Hustle Host OpenAL (ADI) Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.3 HP Deskjet D4300 Printer Driver Software 10.0 Rel .3 HP Imaging Device Functions 10.0 IE7Pro ImagXpress Impact InCD iTunes iTunes Library Updater Java 6 Update 11 Lexmark 9500 Series LimeWire 5.0.11 Logitech SetPoint Magic ISO Maker v5.5 (build 0265) Menu Templates - Starter Kit Microsoft DirectX SDK (November 2008) Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable Microsoft Office Live Add-in 1.3 Microsoft Office Word 2007 Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x64) Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x64 9.0.30729.17 Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories 1.1 Monopoly Tycoon Movie Templates - Starter Kit Nero 8 Lite Nero BurningROM Nero ControlCenter Nero DiscSpeed Nero DriveSpeed Nero InfoTool Nero Installer Nero Rescue Agent NeroBurningROM Norton AntiVirus NVIDIA Drivers NVIDIA PhysX PerfectDisk 2008 Professional PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Ambition of the Illuminus Picasa 3 Picture Ripper 4 PixiePack Codec Pack PowerDVD Presto! Forms 3.60.10 Presto! PageManager 7.12.20 PunkBuster Services QuickTime RealArcade ShaunWhiteSnowboarding SoundMAX Spb Sudoku SPORE™ SPORE™ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack Spybot - Search & Destroy Steam Tunebite Venture Arctic (remove only) Videora iPod Converter 4.04 Virtual CD v9 Vista Codec Package Windows Live Device Manager Windows Live Essentials Windows Live Sign-in Assistant Windows Live Upload Tool Windows Mobile Device Center Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update WinRAR archiver WolfQuest Xfire (remove only) YouTube Downloader App 1.01 There are a lot of others that work (manly games that I beaten and uninstalled over time) GTA IV Need For Speed Under Cover Sraped 2 Fallen Angles Dead Space Mirrors Edge and soo on are a few that worked but I not longer have installed Ones that did not work Anything that relies on the SPTD.SYS driver IE Deamon Tools. And Achole 120% < there is a work around for achole 120% though
  14. Windows Seven Beeta 1 Is now rdy for download

    I personally have five x64 keys and five x86 keys for windows seven out of the 2.5mill there going to relases
  15. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7...a-download.aspx Download the Windows 7 Beta New to beta testing? Here's what you need to know: You'll need some technical skills, like knowing how to: Burn an ISO file to make an install DVD (A good example of what we mean by “technical”) Install Windows (of course) Backup and restore your PC (There's a chance of losing files, so it's a good idea to do a backup of anything you want to save.) Set up a network It can be glitchy—so don't use a PC you need every day. Minimum recommended specs call for: 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor 1 GB of system memory 16 GB of available disk space Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (to enable the Aero theme) DVD-R/W Drive Internet access (to download the Beta and get updates) And yes, like anything tech-related, these specs could change. Some product features of Windows 7, such as the ability to watch and record live TV or navigation through the use of "touch," may require advanced or additional hardware. You'll need a system recovery disk (and know how to use it). You're [almost] flying solo: you'll need to troubleshoot problems yourself and call on other Beta testers for their know-how. It's a two-way thing—Beta testing is about feedback so our developers can fix bugs and hear what appeals to the people who use our products daily. Please tell us what you think. Watch the calendar. The Beta expires on August 1, 2009. To continue using your PC, please be prepared to reinstall a prior version of Windows or a subsequent release of Windows 7 before the expiration date. (See installation instructions.)