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  1. Install Win7 in vmware

    On OS X or windows virtualbox runs windows7 great. I have been running it for a little while and everything works. And virtualbox is free and very stable. Dice
  2. Trouble with installing ubuntu

    best way to run ubuntu on windows for new users is http://wubi-installer.org/ it install a virtual disk and boots to that at startup if you choice to.
  3. this does not seem helpful. If you are going to use windows computer and macs you will need to setup both OpenDirectory (OD) and ActiveDirectory (AD) http://www.macwindows.com/OSXServer.html http://www.macwindows.com/leopardAD.html Those should help you out, or atleast get you started, we setting up client put AD above OD in your Directory manager on the client, if you are using Windows AD for auth. Dice
  4. Workgroup Manger

    Are you running AD with Open Directory? or just plain open directory. and how many user account and groups do you have? Dice
  5. Weird double NAT problem

    in which order to you see it in tracert? by default you will be able to use a network even if its double NAT'ed though its not recommend. the .15 is normal for Motorola Router and good be Vonage. But the order is. which ever the first one is you can turn nat off. .1.1 is normally a linksys but it does not always have NAT Disable options. I guess the main question is, are you having problems with speed? or drop packets? Dice
  6. 1. Dailyrotation.com 2. Frailwords.com 3. meebo.com 4. Demonoid.com 5. Cgenetwork.com dice
  7. Forum Update 21/8/07

    So Sabr your saying that I should find every bug and every problem with the site and PM you? or did I miss something? hahahaha only kidding. I must be honest that I am kinda upset about Other leaving but I have talked with him about this before, and I think its best for him in the end. Though he is a very smart person, and this site will not be the same with out him. Also I am glad to see the AllOut got his account back. Its nice to see that some things are getting taken care of, and not just ignored. Dice
  8. Ohhhh!!! so that is who you are.... hahahaha I never knew j/k dice
  9. Forum Update 21/8/07

    I think I remember not that long ago, Swad saying "big changes ahead" and Pow! this site was sold for like $70K if I'm not mistaken. but that might just be me and Im normally wrong. I do understand that he is referring to the skin but any time I hear "big changes" I start to wonder. dice
  10. Bored in the subway.

    If you didn't notice t3mur is the one that was getting mad at ramm because of his comment and making personal attacks. t3mur seems to have the issue with people not like his work. dice
  11. What is your job?

    Network Administrator, I was a Network Engineer before that. Dice
  12. New InsanelyMac Logo?

    what the hell are you talking about? I never had anything like that, I cant even spell most of the words in that phrase. And yes Swad did delete my sig twice. for one thing it was not to big and it just had the insanelymac slogan but it said "Your Sold" here go to this link is you want to see it. I also made this one , watch me get banned for posting this. oh well Dice :::edit::: Oh I did make the comic as well, but never posted it on this site. cause I know I would get banned for it. Dont know how many mods and/or admins saw that one
  13. kinda funny that no mods or admins are saying anything on this thread. I dont know about the some of the admins on this forums, I know that "Other" has earned my respect. I also have had issues with this site, that is neither here nor there. sad story though dice
  14. New InsanelyMac Logo?

    I used to have a sig like this logo, but mine was deleted every time by Swad and he said he would ban me if I put it up again... Its not very original but good try Dice