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  1. I have had this laptop for about 3 years and I have recently upgraded to a new one. The specs are: 15.4" LCD (native resolution 1280x800) AMD Turion 64 @ 2.0 GHz ATI Radeon Xpress 200M 256MB 2 GB RAM (upgraded from 1 GB) 160 GB (IDE) 5400RPM HDD (Hitachi) (upgraded from Seagate 100GB 4200RPM) DVD+-RW 8x (24x CD-R) 12-cell Li-Ion Battery (lasts 3 hours with normal use) COA for Windows XP MCE 2005 Remote control for media center 5-in-1 media reader (does not read SDHC) 3 x USB 2.0 1 x 10/100 Realtek Ethernet 1 x VGA out 1 x AC Adaptor (HP, not some 3rd party brand) This machine works great if you're not playing recent games, but it faired okay even with Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars. I used it a lot to play games of the 2000-2003 era, especially RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and The Sims 2. Windows XP runs smooth as ever on this machine, and you have a legitimate license. Linux will run okay, but part of the reason I upgraded was due to the video card. It will handle anything. Machine will come with a clean install of MCE 2005 (no HP {censored}, no Norton {censored}). There are some scratches on the top surface mainly. Also a visible mark on the touch-pad from use. Screen has 1 barely visible scratch and is not visible when the screen is on (only visible under certain light). Asking $275. Negotiate with me via PM. I'm posting this on multiple forums just so you know. Since you guys would probably be interested, I did run Leopard on this once (and long ago I ran Tiger on it for a bit), but never got to configuring the video card. Everything else seemed to work fine. Even without the video card configured, it was fast enough.
  2. Is there any application or registry hack or something to make the stupid pop-ups fade away automatically after say 5 seconds? It's annoying to have to hit close on every one that pops up; this is every time I disconnect my wireless, reconnect, everytime it searches and does not connect, every time I plug in a device or unplug, install drivers, and when I connect and disconnect my ethernet cable. VERY annoying. These are helpful and great instead of OK-dialog windows but why should they stay on forever? GRRR We all know M$ stole these from Mac OS (I think they were introduced in 8.6?). :Z
  3. I have a keyboard that does that but it always feels like the intervals it goes up by are just too much, especially the ones on my laptop's keyboard (I use a regular keyboard when I sit at home on my laptop). Thanks guys.
  4. Does anyone know of a tool that will add a little UI to my task bar that I just click to change volume, like a Mac? Having Volume Control open all the time and having to switch is kind of a hassle. For some reason, no matter what computer and Windows version, when I click on the sound icon in the tray it takes like 5 seconds to load whilst on a Mac it's there the second you click it. I tried ZVolume, but that doesn't really cut it for me. Thanks in advance.
  5. Essential Windows Programs

    FlashFXP - Best FTP app ever (wish there was a free alternative) Exact Audio Copy - CD extractor, compatible with LAME LAME - best MP3 encoder becuase of --alt-preset standard foobar2000 - a very very useful media player because of everything it has Media Player Classic - a replacement for Windows Media Player classic version, this supports DVDs, subtitles, and a whole lot and it's very small compared to bloated WMP7 or higher uTorrent - best torrent client due to the footprint X-chat - I prefer this over mIRC now because mIRC is just too old-looking Magic File Renamer - it does everything, including renaming with MP3 tags! Sound Forge - I use this all the time to edit audio, like my mixes Traktor DJ Studio - to make mixes DVD Decrypter - pretty obvious...I keep it for old-time sake, still works with 90% of the DVDs coming out and out there DVD Rebuilder - for converting DL DVDs to regular, with amazing quality due to use of CCE GordianKnot / DGIndex - for converting DVDs (and other sources) to XviD Nero Buring ROM 6.0.16 - not 7+! I don't need such a special graphical interface. 6 works just fine and dandy. UltraISO - best ISO tool, better than WinISO or PowerISO. ImgBurn - by the same programmer who made DVD Decrypter, it works with just about every type you can imagine, including GI. Acrobat / Photoshop - obviously... RealVNC - the only VNC protocol that supports encryption Firefox - obviously... Thunderbird - obviously...but mostly because of extensions also Adobe Indesign - I find this a better quailty app compared to MS Publisher WinRAR - obviously... 7-zip - not so obvious, 7-zip is superior to RAR in most cases Trillian - I have a skin on this that makes it look exactly like iChat. My Windows looks like a Mac mostly, other than the Quick Launch bar and the tray. There's a lot of stuff otherwise, but these are to start.
  6. The strange thing here is that OS X detects one of my partitions as type "WINDOWS_NT" not "Windows NT Filesystem" (will post screenshot as soon as I get back into OS X). I am unable to mount it, hitting the Mount button in Disk Utility doesn't even return an error, and it is not corrupted because Windows sees and reads it fine. Would this happen to do with anything about permissions in XP? I only allow Administrators (I'm the only user) to see and read it, not Everyone, and for the C:, the drive that OS X can see and read, it seems all checkboxes for Everyone are not checked. Without this partition, OS X is pretty useless to use for me for almost any reason (including Reason, my Refills are on the D: partition). Also, I left about 9GB at the end of my drive unallocated, is there any program that will support moving the OS X partition to the end so I can give the 9GB back to my D: drive (I know Partition Magic doesn't seem to want to)?
  7. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    Any possible way to make this work with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M? I tried the latest build and it said I installed it incorrectly and it cannot be used. So then I let OS X redo all drivers back to normal (removing kextcache). I'm going to reinstall and try again, unfortunately on omni's site there's no more build 003 if I wanted to try this. I recently added this: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...Pavilion_dv5000 to the Wiki (what I'm using).
  8. I can't even be sure anymore. I'm just going to redo the entire thing and cross my fingers. This time I'll try a different method.
  9. Yes, that's seriously what happens. Maybe I should make a video. What happens when I do -x is I get brought into the OS (past the apple logo), the logon shows and then randomly disappears, then I get brought into the console with nothing to do except log in. Is there a way to get out of it and back into the GUI? If there is I don't know the command. sh /etc/rc gives "unbound variable". I'm really at a standstill and would like to avoid reinstalling.
  10. Writing to NTFS Drives From OSX

    AFIK, there is no way and it is the same exact situation with Linux. OS X has no direct support for writing for safety reasons. NTFS is a closed file system just like HFS. (There is a program for Linux although, maybe Microsoft got paid some major cash for opening or else a whole lot of reverse engineering went down?)
  11. Basically, I used the dd method and this worked, updated with a patch from McMac, and everything was still great. I then started installing all kinds of apps. They all worked fine, except for when they started exiting randomly. I then decided to restart the notebook. Now, whenever I boot (and I have tried safe mode and it's worst), it skips the log on (displays for a second then goes away), then it randomly shows bash (asking me to log in, tried this as well, goes away to fast), then it displays the blue screen again with cursor like it's about to load the GUI. Unfortunately, this is where it hangs. Coming from an all Windows world, I have no idea what to do here, other than redo the dd and start all over again and then cross my fingers. Any help is greatly appreciated. EDIT: -s also produces the same result except the log on never shows (usual) and the Bash never pops up.
  12. OpenOffice works great. Make sure you have X11 installed (the Apple version works). I'm guessing that mine is not as fast as on Windows or Linux because of no graphics acceleration.