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  1. Zephyroth boot error

    ok i installed zephyroth 10.5.2 and the install went fine but when i boot into it i need to use the dvd to boot into leopard and when it gets to the apple loading screen after about 30 seconds this circle with a line through in appears over the apple logo and the systems just hangs there... anyone have any clue whats going on? my specs: amd athlon 6000+ x2 ecs elitegroup a770m-a
  2. MacBook Air Black? what the hell?

    http://www.apple.com/macbookair/design.htmlgo down to where it says full feature keyboard: 1) the keyboard is not backlit in that image 2)watch the video of the backlit keyboard you can clearly see the unit is silver:
  3. i was going through apples site and i saw this as one of the images: is it me or is that black?
  4. def interesting but for a moment by looking at the title i thought you meant they bought the company ahead
  5. Browsing my iPod touch

    is there an app for vista that would allow me to browse my ipod touches memory while its connected to the pc?
  6. prepaid iphone?

    has anyone tried running the iPhone on a prepaid at&t or t-mobile sim card? does it work well? and can it work after running jailbreak or do i have to run another unlocker to get it to use the prepaid network?
  7. How do i change the theme in vista to a custom theme?

    windows blinds wont run the theme
  8. i downloaded this theme: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/53106285/ but i am having trouble installing it every time i click on the theme this preview shows up that shows up with the standard theme every time i try to apply a custom theme
  9. Whats with apples homepage?

    still does not load for me
  10. i just went to apple.com and i see this:
  11. What kind of gas do you put in your car?

    a prius is so horrible tho... it only has 76 horsepower and the wheels look like they were stolen off a golf cart i would get a honda if i were you cause even their non hybrid models get pretty good mpg and i dont think they will make a hybrid wrangler since those are designed for offroading/modification
  12. that mac pro you posted retails at what... about $18k? well dell has pretty bad customer support so i would go with a mac... plus its the only pro editing desktop system that can run osx and windows legally
  13. Apple wallpaper

    pattern by cunfuzzled4ever, orb by me: