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I just found out about this. 


Artur_pt was a good friend. He was a good moderator on the forum, and on the chat.


Back when InsanelyMac had a chat, from the simple AJAX type chat, moved over to IRC chat. Artur was always there to cheer us up. I must confess, at first I didn't understand his humour, but I later on picked it up. Whenever he encountered people who didn't want to work hard enough to get their machines to run MacOS, he often joked around with the most funniest jokes. Such as putting a MacBook in a computer case, and you'd get a hackintosh out of it. Having people who'd want to get hackintosh service by getting silver spoon fed was  annoying, but Artur made it seem funny, the annoyance just left easily after a nice giggle. 


Artur always wanted people he helped to be more independent with their hackintoshing, to be able to use the forum to their advantage, to be able to research and learn. He would help people, he would give hints to them and he would guide them.


Artur_pt was a great example to this community, to people who come here one time for their one and only hackintosh round, to people who come here frequently, and to moderators. 

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So sad! He helped me with my first Hackintosh 10 years ago!
I had a brand new system an Intel Extreme motherboard, an HD6870, and an a i7 920.

I remember he was determined to help me, even though we spent 3 months doing changes, he inspired me to continue, the culprit was an Atheros Wireless PCI card, that made the hackintosh crash! after I removed it, it was like magic, he was really proud, we did that together ... our resilience was paramount to get a really steady and rock solid hackintosh Pro ... I bumped my head against the wall many times, but he was always there, we used the old IRC chat to communicate in real time, and he helped me from the basics to the end ...


Was a kind, positive individual, that really wanted to help and didn't expect anything in return, he sent me many files, that allowed me to have a steady Mac OS X Lion Hackintosh, that was really fast ...

It's so sad to hear he passed away, I lost my furry 4 legged child this year too, and these are really sad news ... RIP my friend! :bye: You will be missed!

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Yes, so sad for a old school, had a lot of knowledge, and yes fast reply. I know him from Olarila and maybe EVOX86. R.I.P 

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