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  1. surfcaster

    Mojave en linea, comando de instalación.

    ATI no va nada mal, yo tengo una 650TI Nvidia y una RX560 que es la que uso actualmente, no juego en osx ni en win pero si toco algo de foto y video en ocasiones y ningún problema con ninguna de las dos aunque en este momento la ATI la coge nativamente sin inyecciones de ningún tipo, ademas funciona el sueño y todo perfectamente, Nvidia esta dependiendo de demasiadas cosas últimamente para nuestros hackintosh
  2. surfcaster

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Funcionando bien en mi configuración, todo ok
  3. surfcaster

    Graficas con soporte Metal2 ??

    Debo hacer una corrección, el problema de Vista previa esta relacionado directamente con el tipo de SMBios utilizado y las actualizaciones de firmware del Mac a que corresponden, pues poco a poco Apple las va lanzando y dicho problema se va corrigiendo, también se puede optar por modelos Mac (SMBios) mas modernos que ya están actualizados o no les afecta, estoy viendo/leyendo por ahí que una simple nvidia GT210 funciona bien con Mojave aun quedan sorpresas
  4. CCC Carbon Copy Cloner
  5. surfcaster

    ESP Mounter PRO en 10.13.6

    Tanto Olarila como Hackintosh Montreal tienen "creo" que es un parcha para que funcione o el soft ya corregido, no obstante yo estoy usando DROP EFI creo recordar bajado de aquí mismo y funciona bien, tan solo arrastra el disco que necesitas montar la partición EFI y listoDrop EFI.zip
  6. surfcaster

    Enabing Keyboard's Backlight in macOS

    Ok, it works, I must press the Fn key while I execute its trick, there are only two leds (numeric and one that I do not know what it is) that there is no way but that is unimportant, thank you very much
  7. surfcaster

    Enabing Keyboard's Backlight in macOS

    I have a backlit Bluestork keyboard and I can not turn it off from os x, since when the driver loads it lights up and the function keys (Fn) do not go, try your trick and it does not turn it off either. Do you know any way ?, sorry for my English
  8. Well, I had to ask Mald0n for help because last week I suffered the 2nd intervention in the left eye and the other one is not exactly what I see, it helped me a lot with the DSDT and my Clover folder, it put me back to the SMBios iMacx 12.2 well thought out is the one that corresponds to me by hardware (except for the graph), the only downside is that now I must use the flag: -no_compat_check and I do not know what happened with the updates because I never did it that way. Returning to the subject of the post I must say that with this SMBios iMac 12.2 jpeg preview works and everything is functional, rest works, wake up audio included, what will I say? Mald0n is a genius from here I appreciate all the help he has given me and you because this post has given me some good ideas to put into practice when I see a little better, right now it is painful to make comparisons of DSDT and * .plist of the kexts when the view starts to hurt by the effort at 15 cm from the screen
  9. Hello Maldon, I was always faithful to SMBios = hardware but now I am out of date, my hardware is the signature and I am using Mojave 10.14, due to some visual problem I have to put 10/15 cm of the monitor can you lend me a hand? What SMBios should I use? my chipset / processor is not supported anymore, the graphic if I need more than one advice and help, thanksArchivo comprimido.zip
  10. I think I understand that we are talking about taking the CPU to the GPU or vice versa, looking for a correct SMBios for the GPU and managing the CPU according to said SMBios, although here more things come into play that I do not know and that from what I have seen Apple has changed some things, but leaves us others to be able to "play"?
  11. referred: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/258611-speedstepper-now-supports-mountain-lion-1083/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-1745343
  12. Yes, before a few years ago to get more states of the processor was a "hybrid" with the plist of iMac 11.2 with the Mac Book 8.1 for it only needed to cut the part that called the MB states and paste replacing it the iMac, it worked well, I do not know now but it would not be hard to prove it, again I regret to have to use Google translator
  13. is what I do, I was always reluctant to use a SMBios not suitable for the hardware but now with Mojave I have no other option since updating the equipment is beyond my reach, the hardware is the signature and I must use iMac 18.2, iMac 13.2 or directly move to Mac Pro 6.1, seeing the operation of the processor in all of them I almost do not care
  14. What software do you use for that hardware info?