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  1. ammoune78


    I already tested it, it bricked my board with internal memory unknown error, 3 long bip. Did it with UEFITool 0.21.5 and exactly the same files, after Backup bios restoring, board now flashed and it smell the good Oz !
  2. ammoune78

    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    Put this BOOTX64.efi.zip on Fat32 usb formatted drive Reboot and select from F12 menu UEFI OS on the shell and assuming that the NVME is disk0 and APFS.efi is in it's EFI Dir, type the following, hit enter after each command line: fs0: cd efi bcfg driver add 1 APFS.efi APFS That's all, reboot! But IMHO, use KernextPatcher to add NVME patch for your drive and AcpiPatcher to rename and add plugin type by enabling Generate states!
  3. ammoune78

    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    From my opinion, just don't use APFS, use unsold.kext or do a terminal command to avoid installing High Sierra on APFS formatted drive! Your mobo is able to boot the installer, just put SSDT's I've attached to the first post! I'll put a video today if i have more time, to make some things clear.
  4. ammoune78

    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    No dude, Ozmosis stopped from release since the first skylake rush. So use clover instead, and don't buy a skylake components just for Oz!
  5. ammoune78


    MMTool.exe.zip OzmosisDefaults.plist Ozmosis.ffs.zip Ozmosis Stuffs iMac14,2.zip The latest Patchers.zip UEFITool 0.21.5
  6. ammoune78


    Download first MMTool linked by xpamamadeus, use it to decompress and compress CORE_DXE Download UEFITool 0.21.5.app to insert Ozmosis files, and don't forget to insert Ozmosis Hight Sierra compatible few posts a go Download OzmosisConfigurator to make your own OzmosisDefaults Download AcpiPatcher and KernextPatcher from cecekpawon GitHub repos, insert them in the ROM, but you have to modify them with your preferences Download FakeSMC and stuffs from RehabMan, remove clover Dict from the info.plist, and change the keys to latest Mac model SMC you'll play with on your hake, convert them to ffs using again, cecekpawon YodKext2Ffs.sh from he's repos, insert them to ROM Flash your mobo, and cross your fingers until macOS Login Screen DON'T CHANGE THE BIOS FILE NAME AFTER MODIFICATIONS, IT'S USEFUL TO UPDATE OROM'S AND CPU MICROCODES USING UBU BIOS UPDATER
  7. ammoune78

    Help Tapatal

    Thank you @Poco
  8. ammoune78

    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    How did you flashed you mobo, from Windows or from usb dos fpt?
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  10. ammoune78

    GTX 765M in iMac 11,1 (Late 2009) display brightness fix

    I know that, but it was read by clover, it's not enough, you can try this:
  11. ammoune78

    GTX 765M in iMac 11,1 (Late 2009) display brightness fix

    Glade to see that progress worked for you, for brightness, you need to add PNLF_SSDT from rehabman GitHub repos .
  12. ammoune78

    Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    Hi! You have to download cecekpawon UEFTW, and follow the instructions to know how to use kernextpatcher, and add it's patch, follow Ozmosis topic to know how to insert the kernextPatcher in the rom, you can use UEFITool 1 or 2 to do the job. I'll update the repository as soon as I have time, but I'm here, if you want to ask for something
  13. ammoune78


    Use IntelGraphicsFixup and NvidiaGraphicsFixup on common folder, and set all graphics disabling to OzDefaults to yes! Do CMOS reset Flash your mobo from windows, it appear that flash wasn't done 100% Disable CSM! On the third screen from up to down, set Windows features to: Other OS Cross your fingers and see if it work