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  1. Thanks for replying, currently the app doesn’t have the option to let you download the full OS Installer from the App Store in case that you have an installer on the Applications folder, so i have to delete it and relaunch the app again to be able to have this option! In other words, it will not ask me if i want to download El Capitan if Sierra is in the applications folder! Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You made a beautiful piece of app, with a nice and clean work, an apple’s style, i really love it! Thank you and i just have a suggestion please: If i already have the macOS installer, but i just want to make a different installer version of macOS, without the need of the actual one! Is it possible to have this option in the future updates? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ozmosis

    Pushing the like button isn't something bad or difficult DSDT_ori.aml.zip
  4. Ozmosis

    Try this on the rom InjectorKext v1.3.zip
  5. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hey MacPeet, i've tried that with live CD Ubuntu, but the terminal always return nothing or shows invalid command prompt such as Cat: Codec: No such file or directory, i don't know how to deal with it, do you have any suggestion? Got it, and now i'll begin other steps Didn't get the 2nd step, google translation doesn't translate from German perfectly
  6. This is the problem i've had, but this problem can be well fixed soon!
  7. Tapatalk I now able to login, just exit the app and reopen it maybe it will work for you or reboot device-phone Spoiler and code insertion are both enabled, another thanks
  8. It looks great now and we have 3 themes, i didn't see that, really thanks Poco!
  9. Yes i agree, but i was able to upload files like ROM's with Ozmosis and it's stuffs, i've catched one and here's it's screenshot from my previous ROM file uploading to an friend user: The file size was about 5,5 MB, but as arsradu said it's about 10 MB limit! And i don't know about the changes made for my login things, but as I remember, I did a change for username ammoune78 maybe 4 years ago and it never requested that username on login instance until this big update
  10. Yes, about 9MB, i've tried a small file and it worked, but why before the Forum update i was able to upload same file size
  11. Hey chris1111, I'm having problem to upload or attach files from Personal Message, when I click on attach files and then choose the file, it begin uploading but two seconds after a popup shows error -200 I don't know because after forum opened I no longer sign in with my username, now i have to enter ammoune78 instead of aminamart as username and enter my earlier password to access the forum, strange after the update but I don't know if it's normal?
  12. Ozmosis for 100 Series Skylake CPU's

    Thanks my MAN, as this will simplify extracting procedure
  13. I've no problem uploading files in topics, but in PM
  14. Is there anyone who has a problem attaching files, I always now have -200 error popup