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  1. Line 1638: EDK2_REV="${EDK2_REV:-28338}"
  2. Badruzeus

    My hackintosh won't sleep!

    After you have a good hackintosh configs; Sometimes.. sleep-wake issue could because apps, or hidden background services that are running on your system as well. Identify the problem with Terminal: pmset -g assertions
  3. Badruzeus

    Clover Themes

    Do you still get random Banner animation not working issue? I got it on my 1360x768 disp res (limited Nvidia VESA), seems no problem on 1920x1080 though.
  4. Badruzeus

    Clover Themes

    @Slice thanks for r4756 - r4757 commit, it solved prev. issue with "row1 posision" on Raster themes that have Custom "SelectionSmallWidth" for Layout.
  5. Badruzeus

    Clover Theme Manager

    Weird; did you try to mount your EFI Partition before launching the app? sudo diskutil mount /dev/diskXsY
  6. Badruzeus

    Clover Theme Manager

    rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/CloverThemeManager
  7. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    @Slice Better svg font CharWidth with r4750 for Vector theme, many thanks. Have a nice weekend!
  8. It' s PhoenixOS (Android x86), Website. It contains a name afaik, on %THEME_DIR%\icons as "os_phoenix.icns"
  9. OK, crashing issue about CoreAudio for macOS Guest has been fixed with VirtualBox 5.2.22-126460 release. On my case: - VoodooHDA v2.9.1 installed on /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other - AppleHDA on SLE was moved (we could use HDADisabler alternatively) - VM Settings: Audio Enabled, Core Audio, Intel HD Audio Controller, Enable Audio Out Here's the changelog: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog
  10. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    Anyway, this is recent screenshot from Clovy theme with r4747 if it' s not set as the default (after theme switched). Thanks.
  11. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    I'm considering the theme's size produced with embedded PNG, though Clovy vector theme is bigger (7xx KB) than my BeautyDark (5xx KB) bitmap theme. But SVG theme wins for it's scalability if 4KDisplay=true hah haa
  12. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    Hmmb, #imho vectorized complex bitmap is weird for result, at least on closer look. I'm considering to make vector theme from Material; but plz anyone fix current issue with func_icons allignment 1st.
  13. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    I have to correct that using Clovy/Theme.svg from r4745 commits; above issue occurred even with Clover r4743. I think the issue was from last changes on *.svg file itself?
  14. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    Oh, I just realized that got gray space on left side of screen, but yours is on the right side.
  15. Badruzeus

    Vector Themes

    Sorry, this is Clovy theme screenshot using r4745: