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  1. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    RTL8111 v2.2.2 is working fine under 10.11.6 && 10.13.4 Beta here.. Thanks @Mieze
  2. There's link on his sig I guess; or here is.
  3. Oops.. happened to me as well, also with Chrome, Firefox.. it seems not browsers related. On this case; I re-uploaded the attached file and now it works as usual. Plz try again with a new (updated) link. Thanks. #EDIT: Strange is, not all my attached files got this issue.
  4. Announcing WWDC18

    Uhmmb, from WWDC18's image above it seems Apple will bring 3D UI for their macOS back as Mavericks and prev. versions? Am I dreaming? #LoL
  5. OK, I'm waiting for ur latest prebuild pkg bcoz I still run old version of Kozlek's HWSensors.app
  6. I just used @corpnewt's Lilu and Friends script from this link #LoL
  7. Oh, just updated to HWSensors v6.26 Build 1464 and it seems they're working fine with 10.13.4 Beta 5 on my case (not updated yet to latest macOS Beta, sorry).
  8. Clover Themes

    Here's "os_xubuntu.icns" as requested for "Neon" theme. Not really sure when I'll push changes to my uploaded themes on the repo till this issue resolved. Thanks. os_xubuntu.icns.zip
  9. Well, also nice Profile Page with customizable Cover image (I use 1170x200 px here). (Home Sweet) Home of OSx86
  10. ... and I just realized that now Insanelymac uses https
  11. Awesome, great new responsive web on Desktop with modern UI. Thanks.
  12. Clover Themes

    Nightwish theme attached below, thanks. Well, I just read the reply on this topic.. sorry. Here sometimes I thought need to uploaded them to my own git repo; but with bunch of themes not sure how to manage which one is updated and which are not yet (compared to official SF repo). Unfortunately with limited internet connection here, it doesn't let me to do this extra job (twice). Nightwish-Theme-v1.5.zip
  13. MacBookPro:~ badruzeus$ killall Finder MacBookPro:~ badruzeus$ /Applications/XtraFinder.app/Contents/MacOS/XtraFinder -v Killed: 9 MacBookPro:~ badruzeus$
  14. Clover Themes

    Simple glowing effect with PS or GiMP did the trick; but since the OuterGlow has color gradient; we make them separated to different Layers. Just apply Styles to layer, Select pixels, rasterize it, cut selected pixels, then re-apply gradient for OuterGlow. That is.
  15. Clover Themes

    Hello, here's "os_deepin.icns" as ur request. To make it appears on Clover GUI (w/o Custom Entry), try providing us with ur EFI structure of deepin bootloader here (screenshot, etc). Thanks. os_deepin.icns.zip