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  1. @KGP-iMacPro Do you prefer TSCAdjustReset.kext for 9900K 8 cores and 16 threads CPU for the Z390 Coffee Lake chipset?
  2. Dwarfy


  3. Also, If I might suggest something. Use the USB ports on the back I/O, not the USB 3 ports, but the USB 2 ports. Usually the top USB ports close to PS2 port are USB 2 ports. Many X79 boards got generic USB sub chipsets, and therefore, it is better not to use them.
  4. I apologise if you think I am being rude. But most people on this site succeed with a good hackintosh after an extensive research. Some people take one hour, three hours, some take a day and others take months. Nothing to feel offended about. Internet is the biggest learning resource for this, all it really takes is the correct terms and keywords to look up on Google. If not, then you would have to lean towards the most basics, which starts with the question "What is hackintoshing?". Since there are hackintosh methods out there that are unclean and messy, yet working to some levels, people think hackintoshing is slight more easier than it initially looks like. As I mentioned before, it is only easy when you know what you are doing. Again, I don't mean to be rude. There is no ill intent from my side. I want you to learn. I want to help people on InsanelyMac, learn by them and with them. So there is no ill intent from my side at all. Don't take it the hard way.
  5. Hyeya, I feel like you are not really trying your best. But I have uploaded a clover folder I set up for you. Let me know how it works out for you. X79 Test 1.zip
  6. Hyeya, I might be right, but I am not sure. The reason I mentioned about NVMe capable drive for m.2 to be used, is because if there possibly is a limitation for AHCI, then it won't affect your setup of drives, as one is with NVMe. Your motherboard is a high-end gaming motherboard, not that only gamers buy and utilise it, but most people buying such motherboard opt to get NVMe SSDs. Now, it isn't because of NVMe that NVMe drives are faster, NVMe is just a standard, a communication protocol SSDs got. The manufacturers just got more focus on this standard. And these drivers don't necessarily need to use AHCI, well there is no need for a NVMe drive to be used as an AHCI drive. Since your board is fairly new, and supports NVMe, most people would most likely utilise the m.2 slots for NVMe drives. And what I was saying earlier in my other post, I'd believe ASUS would think people would opt for NVMe. drives in those m.2 slots. If that is done, it could be that you get seven drives running, as you are not crossing any AHCI limitation s. But I could be wrong.
  7. Applying rules on this forum is not for me to do, but I suggest you read the rules. InsanelyMac doesn't support the website you just linked. I didn't I didn't link guides because I hinted towards what you could've googled. In this case if you want to know about CIM and Create Install Media (CIM) you could Google search it "Create Install Media Apple". Clover BootLoader Package is on SourceForge. You can google this too. "Clover SourceForge". I told you to install it specifically by customising it to your USB, by doing it the UEFI way. You then click UEFI. I told you to add OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi from Driver64UEFI from the clover installer package, so you click on that.
  8. Dwarfy

    Anyone thinkin of NZ 370 MB?

    Not worried at all, if that text was a response to my previous text. It will most likely work for hackintoshing. Hackintoshing gets easily done nowadays. We might hear someone hackintosh a toaster soon. The problem is more about the company NZXT being new to this. Even if NZXT won't manufacture it, they will administer the manufacturing, well some of it. But of course, there is always a start for something. Would not suggest spending on this board and using it, till real reviewers and testers do it with their most unbiased opinion.
  9. Hyeya, You didn't tell much about your install method. What install method did you use? CIM is the proper method Apple uses. Most people here on IM use CIM + Clover manual method. You are telling me that you need something more precise. What do you call precise? You want me to hand you files so you have no learning experience? Then no, I can't do that. That is not what I do. I encourage learning experiences. What you need to do is to get into a working MacOS install, format your USB the way I have told you on my first post. Install clover specifically by customising the install.Run the CIM command. For using the CIM command, you need to have the installer app in the Applications folder. Do at least these few steps, and I could help you more. It is not difficult, but it is not difficult if you read how to do things.
  10. Dwarfy

    Anyone thinkin of NZ 370 MB?

    Hyeya, Do you mean NZXT N7 Z370? I don't know, it seems like NZXT is fairly new making motherboards. They are copying some of the old ASUS TUF series motherboards, with motherboard covers. As of now, I think anyone who gets this motherboard should do it either because they want to and got the money to play around, or they really want to put their faith into a company starting with motherboards. I am not biased with computer hardware, but this company just got their first motherboard out. I will most likely stick with ASUS, AsRock, MSI, GigaByte etc.
  11. HyeYa, Installing High Sierra is actually quite easy. I got X79 as well. This is how I installed High Sierra (Not a guide, just an insight to how it was done): I first formatted my USB Flash Dongle with HFS Plus Journaled Extended, GUID partition scheme. I installed Clover to it specifically doing a customised install the UEFI way, adding only OSXAptioFix2Drv-64-efi from Driver64UEFI. I also added HFSplus-64-efi and APFS.efi (these two drivers are not in the Clover Package from SourceForge, and can be added later In EFI/Clover/Driver64UEFI). When Clover was installed, I went ahead with CreateInstallMedia (CIM). For this, you would need High Sierra Installer app in the Application folder, installed from the App Store. You can read more about CIM from Apple's website. When CIM was done, I went to the EFI partition of the USB Flash Dongle, EFI/Clover. I then added the most essential kexts needed. In this case I thought of getting in rather than adding stuff for post install in the USB Installer stick. Keeping the USB Installer stick as clean as possible. So I only added FakeSMC.kext to EFI/Clover/Kext/Other. The stock clover config will of course never work, well if it ever does then you are lucky. Anyhow. To make a clover config.plist, you can read on Clover Wiki. The config needs to be clean, doesn't need to be complex in anyway, keep it simple and easy. You would most likely need 0x67 for CsrActiveConfig in RTVariables. USBfix, SMBIOS Mac Pro 6,1 Boot Arg: npci=0x200 Since you got an AMD graphics card, you might also want to add lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext. So installing MacOS High Sierra is really not difficult at all. I am running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 with ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition, Vega 64 graphics card. Good luck!
  12. Dwarfy

    Chat is down?

    Hi, I don't really know the technical problem evolving the Web IRC shout client InsanelyMac uses. Hopefully Poco or SMX will fix the Web IRC chat client, when they get the time. The maintenance for the Web IRC chat client and InsanelyMac IRC server is complete voluntarily by Poco and SMX. So that is very kind of them. However, as of now, people having trouble connecting with the Web IRC from InsanelyMac can try using another IRC client. information for the IRC server is here. There are many IRC clients one can use, even Web IRC clients such as Kiwi IRC.
  13. Hyeya guys, I was wondering, what are the OpenGL scores for the Vega cards you guys are getting? Are you guys seeing a drastic improvement with content creation tools, if any of you use those? Is rendering much smoother? Would be nice if you guys could write down the result, instead of pictures. Or do both. I would appreciate it. I am blind, so I can't see pictures, to be able to read pictures, I would have to OCR them.
  14. Hyeya, Sounds good. I can understand that at this point you don't want to spend more money on SSDs and / or a RAID card. But if there is a limitation for AHCI, and it cannot be changed, then you most likely would have to get a drive with NVMe support. And if that isn't a solution, then a Mass Storage controller card, such as a RAID card (without using RAID). However, I am hoping that. you can some how work around the limitation. Possibly hoping that there is no limitation, and ASUS made that board run as many drives thrown at it. Hoping as many connectors for drives as many drives can be hooked up and utilised. Though not to sound rude, but I already find it a bit pointless that a non NVMe SSD is in m.2 slot. Assuming ASUS most likely thought the user of the board would utilise the m.2 slots with NVMe SSD. Not sure if UEFI modding will help in this case either. Hopefully there isn't any limitation, and just something you need to enable in UEFI to run seven drives. As of now this is all I could think of. I am open to get lectured, lol. And if someone wants to amend into any of what I have said , then feel happy to do so.
  15. Hi, Not sure if I can help with this. But maybe I can give some insight to something. Could it be that your board just got an AHCI limitation? In this case, I'd suggest you not using AHCI and maybe NVMe. Now I am not sure if your board supports NVMe. Some people even mod their UEFI to get NVMe support. Now since one drive will use NVMe in this case, and the other six drives will use AHCI, you might not get into this problem, and you will be able to have 7 drives. The only down side is, you would have to get NVMe m.2 drive. Another solution could be that you get a mass storage PCIe card. Well a RAID card that works with MacOS. But you might not need RAID. In this case, you don't use the RAID function the PCIe RAID card gives. You can get inexpensive RAID cards, such as HighPoint Rocket Raid RR2720SGL. You can hook up SATA drives with it with SATA connectors. If you only got m.2 to connect, it must be SATA bu with an enclosure having SATA connector (not sure if those enclosures exists). There is a downside to this as well, the RAID card will show its own bios signs before booting, just like the motherboard does, this will of course make the booting experience a bit downgraded taking a few seconds more. If this isn't a problem, then this might be something you might want to consider. The RR2720SGL is quite inexpensive, last I checked it was about 160 USD. It got two SAS connectors, and can run 8 drives. All you need with it is mini SAS to 4x SATA 3 cable, either one or two of them, depending on how many you want to connect. Assuming you won't connect many, if this solution is for you. **Edit** The RR2720SGL works out of the box for Mac OS X / MacOS. However, I have only used it to macOS Sierra 10.12. I don't use it anymore, and therefore don't know if this will work for High Sierra, but I am assuming it will.