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  1. Hello Andy, i've followed your guilde and i can tell i have a minor issues that far is i've readed its possible to solve (Not by me, rather by you since u are Sensei in this) -- Anyway, the thing is i've Extracted my EDID.bin from DarwinDumper and used it in FixEDID application, choosed "Apple LED Cinema Display" generated the kext. Once i done that on my desktop i got the following kext named DisplayMergeNub.kext that i've installed in S/L/E after clearing my cache and repairing permissions kext is successfully loaded upon reboot, as you can tell from picture below; So my monitor (TV - BENQ E24-5500) has maximum resolution of 1920x1080 or (1080p when i'm going with HDMI cable) now i'm at DVI to VGA (Cable, since i was thinking that is impossible to be done with HDMI Cable). Question is, is it possible to obtain scaled resolution of OSX Elements like 2560x1440? I will upload you my original files that i've extracted thru DarwinDumper and used in FixEDID application. Also i would like to mention that i was trying to add scaled resolution in FixEDID options "2560x1440" aswell (When i was on HDMI) and it didnt worked. Any tips, or help or your modification is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! EDIT; also provided u screenshot of resolutions in Swtich Screen and Monitor EDIDhex - EDIDbin.zip EDID-9d1-75a1.bin.zip
  2. Yes i would agreed with it aswell, on gtx 560 ti its stuck at 60 fps.
  3. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Can't wait to download it. This meintenace will be forever.
  4. Here is mine, simple and clean
  5. Error: 0 substitutions made. any other idea? --- @offtopic - anyone know maybe what is the ideal smbios for mine configuration. You can see my configuration in signature. atm i'm at 12,1 and i see alot of people using Mac Pro 3,1 ... suggestions/advices are welcome!
  6. iFire, i love you man. This finaly fixed my problem. I can say bro that now i boot like 5% faster then usual. Btw what do you think what may cause the second problem PluginProcess[27575]: AVF error: fail to create QT accelerator
  7. @fantomas1 roger that, sorry for attachin. @iFire, hm.. not really sure i'll give you photo here.
  8. iFire, thanks for replay. But i couldnt understand the whole thing there. I mean, i understand that i need to make some changes to dsdt. But where? cause i cannot find any Device (SBUS) even with "command + F" .. i'll attach my dsdt so you can see. DSDT.aml.zip
  9. Hello guys, i got 2 issues, other works perfect i guess. My pc configuration is : processor: i5-2500k oc @4.6GHz graphics : Asus gtx560 Ti Motherboard: Asus sabertooth p67 ---------------------------------------------- - my geekbench score is 13,000 - novabench score : 1250 - cinebench: GPU 52 / CPU 6,92 ---------------------------------------------- But something seems like its not working as it should. Anyone know what maybe cause problems down below. ** AppleSMBusPCI::start failed to get acpi path for provider : for this i've tryed to patch DSDT with SMBus but didin't have an effect, maybe i did something wrong no idea. PluginProcess[27575]: AVF error: fail to create QT accelerator : For this i didin't find any solution so far. And i'm afraid when i see this that my GPU is don't have full power or something when this is fail to create, or i'm just being wrong. -- So if anyone know how to fix this, or atleast give some advice... please do Thanks!
  10. First Hackintosh

    This is beast. Nothing is wrong there, but i didn't saw any monitor. Do you have any or?
  11. Introduce yourself

    Hello insanlymac, i'm Marko 23y old from serbia..