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  1. Bonjour, Si vous utilisez clover, essayez l'argument -f et npci=0x2000 au boot. Bonne chance
  2. seyd46

    AirPods Stuttering and Stopping All the time

    I paired it with my iphone X and the airpods appear alone without any manipulation on my 2 hackintosh with the same cloud account.
  3. seyd46

    AirPods Stuttering and Stopping All the time

    I had this problem after an updated firmware of the airpod. I deleted the airpod from mac bluethoot and iphone and after I re-paired and everything is ok
  4. seyd46

    AirPods Stuttering and Stopping All the time

    Hello, You may need an update https://github.com/headkaze/OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM/releases If not remove from the phone and re-device it again. A +
  5. Olá artur_pt,

    Posso entrar em contato com você porque me vejo muito ativo. Estou com um pouco de dificuldade para entender o opencore. Eu tenho um HP8470 hd4000 + 1SDD, você pode me ajudar, se possível, porque eu sei bem trevo, mas não o Opencore. Se você não consegue encontrar o tempo, isso não importa.

    Obrigado e tenha um bom dia

  6. seyd46

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello everyone, I observe opencorepkg as an alternative to Clover, BUT. If I may. As a computer scientist we are progressives. The project is at its beginning, but as Clover becomes more and more friendly with frequent updates. I have a hard time seeing the new features that the Opencore project brings, especially since the installation is far from easy and with limited hardware support at least at the current time. For me fragmentation divides talents but can sometimes have a blessing effect. I hope that will be the case for OpenCore. Opencorepkg faeture More hardware and configuration support Easy installation And brings better performance than these competitors Clover or Ozmosis. This is my point of view. Good continuation Seyd
  7. Hi, try "sudo mount -uw /"
  8. seyd46

    Mac Tweaks

    Good Job
  9. seyd46

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello everyone, I am very interested in this project. But impossible to see my score. I am francophone, maybe some reading confusion, despite a lot of things escapes me. If anyone can help me, I'm interested. Here is my EFI. thank you in advance HP8470P HD4000 SATA SSD samsung OC.zip
  10. seyd46

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello, First of all thanks to all of you, thanks to your efforts we were taking off in the hackintosh experience. vit9696, allow me, I do not have your talent to default of envy, why not try to work with the team of Clover to allay it even if I reconne qu'opencorepkg is an interesting idea. Why does not bring your talents together ?? Thanks
  11. seyd46

    Hello need help dsdt patch

    Thank you so much, Battery and brigth screen. Work well Good Job
  12. seyd46

    Hello need help dsdt patch

    Thank you Mald0n, I install kext and dsdt, The battery operates only at some starting. I have error to open dsdt. I joined the capture at the beginning of conversation. Thank
  13. seyd46

    Hello need help dsdt patch

    Hello, I joined the file at the beginning of conversation. thank you
  14. seyd46

    Hello need help dsdt patch

    Hello need help dsdt patch, I'm French, sorry for my English. I need your help to patch my DSDT "Thoshiba X300 9600 GT". I would like patch battery statue and brigth screen. Thank you for your help DSDT.aml.zip MacBook Pro de Drag.ioreg.zip Sans titre.tiff