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  1. Hello need help dsdt patch

    Thank you so much, Battery and brigth screen. Work well Good Job
  2. Hello need help dsdt patch

    Thank you Mald0n, I install kext and dsdt, The battery operates only at some starting. I have error to open dsdt. I joined the capture at the beginning of conversation. Thank
  3. Hello need help dsdt patch

    Hello, I joined the file at the beginning of conversation. thank you
  4. Hello need help dsdt patch

    Hello need help dsdt patch, I'm French, sorry for my English. I need your help to patch my DSDT "Thoshiba X300 9600 GT". I would like patch battery statue and brigth screen. Thank you for your help DSDT.aml.zip MacBook Pro de Drag.ioreg.zip Sans titre.tiff
  5. Versions bêta : macOS 10.12.2

    Merci pour l'info
  6. Hello, wirelessNetworkUtility you must have in your application folder and then for sound you can voodohda second flight or else by giving more detail on your config the community could help you. Good look
  7. BCM20702A0



    Kext work for me El capitan and work. Handoff ok open terminal sudo diskutil repairPermissions / clover patch for me Find 4885C074 5C0FB748 Replace 41BE0F00 0000EB59
  8. Broadcom Bluetooth 20702A

    clover patch Find 4885C074 5C0FB748 Replace 41BE0F00 0000EB59
  9. Broadcom Bluetooth 20702A

    Hi, Try this one http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/418-bcm20702a0/ sudo diskutil repairPermissions / Good look
  10. Hackintosh Vietnam - Ultimate AIO Tool

    thank you so much, good job
  11. y a quelqu'un ?

    Il te faudrait du Sandy bridge. Ivy bridge et supérieur ne fonctionne pas avec le noyau (vanilla) de snow leopard.
  12. y a quelqu'un ?

    Bonjour Pecos, Difficle de trouver du neuf compatible avec snow leopard. Mais en changeant la carte graphique par des Radeon HD 5000 ou des GeForce 8000 ou 9000, là effectivement ça pourrait fonctionné et tes 4 Coeurs totalement pris en charge. @+
  13. EDID generator

    good job. Thank you