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  1. We are so exciting about this new update. Now we implement all the new features in our Forum. So, if the Forum are a bit slow, please be patience, our Admins are doing a great and hard (very hard) job to keep the Forum amazing as always. View full article
  2. A versão final do macOS Mojave 10.14.2 está disponivel via AppStore.
  3. Allan

    Mojave 10.4.2 Working 99%

    You need a DSDT patch Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  4. Allan

    GTX 1060 not recognized; "NVIDIA Chip Model"

    Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  5. Já reparou as permissões do HD, e limpou os caches?
  6. Verifica se uma das kexts da @Mieze te ajudam: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/152-lan-and-wireless/
  7. Allan

    GTX 1060 not recognized; "NVIDIA Chip Model"

    Truly the nvda_drv=1 boot-arg it's only for OS X 10.11x and olders. As explained here, NvidiaWeb it's for macOS 10.12x and after. This main propose to this post is just to inform the new users who'll see it.
  8. Hello @mr_christer. Your guide recommends some tools that it's against our Forum Rules. Please, take a look here for some models that you can follow to create a "Guide"/"How to" topic: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/528-installation-guides/
  9. Allan

    mensagem estranha

    Não é só você: Uma pena, mas acredito que o @Poco e o @smx estão verificando isso
  10. Hello guys, how are you? As do you know we have some issues with the current IRC channel, so we have other ways to discus about Hackintosh and have fun with each other. Here are the list of the 2 non-officials InsanelyMac chat rooms - You can choose and see which is the better for you. Slack: #insanelymacworkspace.slack Discord: Link Official IRC channel: Link if the link didn't work you can follow this settings. Tip for IRC users: You can use Textual.app for free - Just download Xcode and follow this guide. For all of this channels please follow the same Rules are we have in the Forum, be kind and post useful things. View full article
  11. Look: [Guide] Hardware Encoder / Hardware Decoder / Video Processing / HEVC Support
  12. The macOS Mojave final release it's out! Some of the new things on this system. Dark mode:  Desktop Stacks: large.mp4 More improvements with screenshots: large2.mp4 And others very important: Better Control of Your Data Enhanced Tracking Prevention Automatic Strong Passwords As you guys are doing tests with the betas versions, maybe in this version all the things are going to be more stable. Cross your fingers!!  USB Installation using 'createinstallmedia' way: sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB Source: Apple View full article
  13. Hello guys. I don't know if you use it, but this app is really amazing. Now we have a totally redesing of Franz, with a lot of bugs fixed - It's still in a beta phase, but is very stable. Look: https://meetfranz.com/ Link to download: https://meetfranz.com/#download
  14. Apple reveils that in this month we'll see more news. This new keynote will happens at Brooklyn at 10 am EDT. The following news to come are: iPad Pro - more models Macbook Air Mac mini iMac This is the new Apple products! Macbook Air Mac mini A upgrade to the Macbook Pro - Now with Radeon Pro Vega This will happens next month iPad Pro 1TB of storage Finally USB-C Powerfull processor View full article
  15. Allan

    Kernel Panic when not in verbose mode

    Which hardware do you use?
  16. Allan

    [MI+sped] Vendo Hackintosh

    Please read our Forum Rules. Discussion of commercial spin-offs of the OSx86 scene is allowed if it’s to understand their existence, but no discussion of how to use them, nor any support for these commercial spin-offs are allowed as they are not in the spirit of the OSx86 scene. Example of commercial spin-off: tonymacx86. Why InsanelyMac does not support tonymacx86 VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ! (ABOUT TONYMACX86 AND iATKOS M / Y / EC / SR)
  17. Allan

    patched DSDT Lenovo B560

    @outsajder8, pay attention in our Forum Rules!
  18. Hey guys, how are you? @MaLd0n and I was doing some tests with iMessage. And for most impossible that it seems, now we can use it without worries with MLB, ROM and specific SN. Look... MaLd0n 2018-10-26 às 12.15.59.mov But who can made this possible? Clover VirtualSMC Apple??
  19. Allan

    Is IRC dead?

    Yes, it's dead - per hour! Look this others alternatives:
  20. Allan

    Kernel Panic on shutdown

    You need a good DSDT patched! Certainly @MaLd0n can help you with that!
  21. Allan

    Hackintosh Samsung rv420

    Usa AppleALC + Lilu, e insere o valor do codec: https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/Devices#devices_audio_audio-inject Se for usar, terá de remover a VoodooHDA.
  22. Allan

    ALC269 best approach?

    Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  23. Allan

    Donation related query

    Hey @ammoune78! Done, and thank you for your contribution
  24. Allan