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  1. the same issue as here
  2. i have added this kext.now it display 12 hex....but the IGPU dont display.
  3. that is right..it is 17....i also need this kext
  4. in my rig,,the control-id is 11...
  5. hi,pavo,,,so in my case ,,there is no need to use this kext..right?
  6. IT displays below without generating this kext..what is difference?
  7. is it conflict with whatevergreen.kext?
  8. injecting Intel and adding ig-platform-id can also works fine. i tested it
  9. i activate hardware acceleration through this patching whatevergreen.kext.
  10. that is right.. i aslo do that as he said.. hardware acceleration enabled on my rig.
  11. this problems is sloved after enabling iGPU.
  12. xtddd

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    @Pavo there is need to apply Rename HECI to IMEI in clover dsdt patch?