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  1. Rocky12

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    yes did it as you say but the same result error halting on critical error
  2. Rocky12

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    legacy boot attempt with Customized OpenCore please don't ignore my post macOS mojave install on SSD macOS Catalina install on HDD i have prepared USB pin drive to Boot i don't really know what went wrong there for i am asking you guys for help config.plist.zip opencore-2020-02-20-113928.txt.zip
  3. Rocky12

    [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.4

    No issues here, Intel X58 hack Clover
  4. Rocky12

    Hackintosh Installation Issues

    hoodyracoon 1 point·9 months ago Why do I have a downvote, and not a single post on this thread..... level 1 themacmeister Mojave - 10.141 point·9 months ago Please switch back to FakeSMC That EFI folder you NEVER inject ATI under graphics section... There should be no need for the framebuffer identity name... I am using RX 580, and I have no need for a black screen patch by piker alpha?!?! level 2 hoodyracoon 1 point·9 months ago I have been screwing with it for 3 weeks on and off, oh I know it's rough, need to reset it and start from scratch just haven't got around to it, anyways, fakesmc tried it, not the issue, inject ati enabled or not nodifference, no framebuffer, still the same issue. I'll make a clean efi and report, but this will be the 20th time doing it in the last 3 weeks(maybe not 20th but definitely in the 10s) Continue this thread level 2 hoodyracoon 1 point·9 months ago Thanks for the post though. At least I'm getting somewhere level 2 themacmeister Mojave - 10.141 point·9 months ago Set PCIE/PEG as first graphics option in BIOS, disable Intel if possible (well, you have Xeon, so there shouldn't be Intel graphics). Change SMBIOS to iMacPro1,1 (for Xeon without IGPU). Continue this thread level 1 hoodyracoon 1 point·9 months ago I will give that a shot then, I'm on x58 so I just assumed level 1 hoodyracoon 1 point·9 months ago I had to back the CPU I'd to get it to boot with the 5,1 will I with the imac?
  5. attached is my config.plist if you want to do me a favor to help this is the error what i am getting on boot Halting on critical error Customized OpenCore config.plist.zip
  6. can you share your how to do detail i am trying since few days to boot Oc but no luck
  7. Rocky12

    OpenCore Legacy for GA-EX58-UD5

    yes i can see the hard drive but as soon i select the drive getting the error halting on critical error
  8. Rocky12

    E6540 DSDT patching

  9. Rocky12

    OpenCore Legacy for GA-EX58-UD5

    Hi, aikidoka25 since two days i am trying to boot open core but i failed in every way can u please help me config.plist.zip
  10. what about RadeonDeInit check in your config.plist AMD9500Controller is not loaded that's why 7 MB RAM can you up load your EFI Folder
  11. hi stefanza nice to see you again i have added some kexts to your EFI folder the kext which i marked with red colour you can remove them from EFI for Audio now you can use AppleALC +Lilu kext Layout ID 28 is already Added to your Config.Plist i have add usbinjectall.kext but you need to read how to use https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-USB-Inject-All For AppleALC you need vanilla AppleHDA kext in your system libary Extention because it dosen,t work with patched AppleHDA kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext you don,t need in your EFI folder when use clover Patch EFI worked with 3.91.zip
  12. you need to patch new untouched dsdt there for you have to use those patches