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    He guys -i had the same problem for ages with a similar board- Gigayte Z77-DS3H and Xeon Sandy core i7 2700K 3.5MHZ processor. I solved the problem by removing just one kext-the ALXEthernet or something from clover folder and system extension folder. Apparently it causes a panic during shutdown and you get a reboot instead. If it still persist remove all generic ethernet kexts (eg AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext etc.) and see if shutdown works! if it does then you will have to find alternative kexts that work without a reboot. This worked for me but do not guarantee it will for you. Good luck
  2. not sure but i suspect the problem might be to do with incompatble ethernet or wifi kext- what kexts do you have in your efi folder? have you got a DSDT? or similar fixes in you clover config.plist?- that can sometimes resolve a lot of hardware conflicts
  3. Hello-have you tried changing your smbios profile?-can see your using imac14,2 which should be ok- try macpro6,1 and see if there any difference
  4. Surprisingly!, I also noticed the same thing! Whenever i update my Mojave versions (now on 10.4.2) they tend to run very slow immediately after update, but if I clone the partition using CCC, the clone is always much faster for some reason! Seems CCC fixes spotlights problems or something-thought i was the only one with that problem.
  5. ndungu6678

    VirtualSMC broken / boot media issue

    Had similar problem when i tried the VirtualSMC kext- was getting KP when booting my GA-Z77X-D3H too many times and that was so irritating- reverted back to Rehabman's FakeSMC latest version-problem solved
  6. ndungu6678

    AnV is back

    welcome back- thanks for your great apps -still use them up to today!
  7. I have the same card but desktop version-a Zotac 730 GT 4GB-yes the chip is Kepler. I get full acceleration in Mojave with their native driver. Still waiting for NVIDIA to release the webdriver!
  8. ndungu6678

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Smoothest update for me so far!
  9. ndungu6678

    Geforce GT730 2 GB DDR3 only 1024 detect

    GT 730 ZOTAC working fine here-full VRAM 4GB and full acceleration:
  10. Hey guys-new Xtrafinder 0.25.9 available now on macupdate free edition working great in sierra DP7-see link below !: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/42067/xtrafinder#
  11. What smbios are you using?-could be the new processor conflicts with the old smbios configurations!-suggest you create new smbios settings for your config.plist tailored to your new processor using clover configurator and then replace it in the efi partition - might be a good idea to also clone your hard drive using ccc so you dont lock yourself out of El Capitan entirely
  12. ndungu6678

    VoodooHDA 2.9.1

    Thanks slice!-it has sharper and clearer sound than previous version 2.8.8 on my hack (sierra DP6)
  13. ndungu6678

    VoodooHDA on Sierra

    works ok with VIA 2020 should also for2021/2022-but may need patching for device/vendor id to properly recognize chip
  14. ndungu6678

    [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    successfully updated!-sierra DP6 GA-Z77-D3H, ZOTAC GT 730 4GB DDR3, i7 2700K 3.5 GHz, 8GB DDR3 grab.tiff
  15. ndungu6678

    Fixing DSDT Errors

    read this-don't know if it will help: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5874-guide-dsdt-override-to-fix-error-12/#comment-91134