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The Ultimate Web Browser

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For me, it would be this:


Features from Avant, my browser of choice on Windows, which is basically an add-on for the IE core and does a bazillion things better and it's even faster than vanilla IE is in my own testing.


Features from Opera, which is my second choice.


That's about it. I can't stand Firefox in any form, it's slow and a resource pig that the others outperform even with tweaking everything to the max. So it'd be a mishmash of code/features from Avant and Opera for me, without the need for a bunch of silly plugins and extensions doing stuff I think the browser should do all by itself.


Just my $.02...




Since I'm not on a real Mac, Safari crashes on most sites (but never Apple.com pages, go figure) so I can't stand that one either - and Rosetta mode doesn't help.

IE 7 4 life, stop hatting ms

On Windows:


1) Opera 9 (Excellent and adheres to W3C standards, plugin with bittorrent support, session saving, tabs)

2) Microsoft IE 6 (some sites are made for IE and function in IE only)

3) Firefox (has fallen to third because of inefficiency of plugins)


On Macintosh:

1) Opera

2) Safari

3) Camino

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Firefox is my favorite one! I love the v2, it's a RC1 release but it's really stable and fast... too fast! I'm also checking Shiira, but the nighty builds are still under heavy (and slow) dev.

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Firefox Forever!


I use firefox with XP and OS X too. It's just the most advanced and reliable browser ever! It's fast running both in Windows or OS X, it's fully customizable and there's all those plugins, always very usefull!

And of course, version 2.0 for mac has a classical beauty other browsers can't reach hahahaa


I've adopted it as my primary browser a long time ago, when it was yet called firebird, and i don't have doubts it's the best browser ever!


IE is ugly and it simply doesn't work. I can't understand why it's the standard browser (maybe because it comes packed inside windows, ergh!)!!

I've already used Opera too, both windows and Mac version, and i just don't like. It's the fastest of all browsers, but i just can't take it hhahaha, really don't like it!


That's it!



I adopted mozilla as my only browser a long time ago when it was still just "mozilla". Ive been an avid mozilla supporter (and have converted most of my friends) ever since. However, this thread has persuaded me to give some others a try. I think I'll be downloading opera very soon to give it a shot.

Safari. I'm not saying it's "OMG L33T" I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with it. Seriously. It's just a nice, solid browser with the features I need to surf the web.

Firefox ! I personnaly don't like Safari due to the bad HTML render, it has many issues like IE for that, even the PNG "bad background colour" bug ! But it stills good-looking and faster.


I don't really like Camino, just some Firefox modifications specially for OSX but it doesn't have extensions and some keyboard shortcuts are not the same, since I used the FF XP version a lot this annoys me. But it's not a bad browser, tastes & colours :D

thank u!

someone who agrees!

firefox is definately the best for what i have (xp)


ie is the worst, by far

i got rid of it a long time ago

but they just came out with a new version, i dunno how that is, anyone have it?

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I agree that Firefox is indeed very good for XP, but Opera is a nice browser too (gets som time getting used to)


For OSX i don't know - I use safari right now, but i know its bad


if your willing to pay get Omniweb - it totally and i mean TOTALLY "owns" all the other browsers

Opera. I love Opera to pieces. The more I use it the more I become attached to it. the . quicksearch, the "copy tab plus history" functionality, the mouse guestures, the hitting F4 to show/hide notes, transfers, etc, the way it doesn't hog hundreds of megs of ram for no reason, as does Firefox...

(#2) OSX = Opera 9

There is just one thing that makes it #2 and why I don't use it. The Tab bar is above the address bar - when it should be below the address bar like it is in every other browser out there. If there was a plugin that would allow that - then I'd be all over Opera.


Dude. Check this: Opera tabs below adress bar

Tab below adressbar is no problem, you see. Now ready to make the Opera switch? ;-)


Greetz, Wiebeest

btw ff users if you want that one close button back that was always right, instead of 1 close button on each tab, terrible.


type in adresbar "about:config" without quotes.

filter until you see

browser.tabs.closebuttons and change 1 into 3 and ready :D

Much eassier that way.

I have gone back to Camino - it's very fast and when you have all the things like Camicon and Camino Knight.

I also like the way it handles RSS if you use RSSmenu.

Although, looking at the Acid2 test, I can see that webkit or Opera are the only one that work. I might go back to Safari if it becomes a problem

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