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  1. So I recently installed windows xp using boot camp and a tinyxp professions sp2 install cd. I also have parallels rev 3120 and I want to access the boot camp partition. When I boot using boot camp it works fine. but when I open up parallels and try to run from the bootcamp partition I get the blue screen of death every time. any ideas what would cause this? thanks, pedro
  2. pedro_sandchez

    [Sell] G4 Cube with optional extras

    how much for just the cube and none of the extras?
  3. I guess some things are just a matter of taste really. for example, you are complaning about the windows being too small, personally I love it. I can have a browser window open on one half of the screen and that leaves me the other half of the screen to fill with other apps. especially helpful when working on a paper. browser windows on the left for researching, and neooffice opne on the right for typing away. works out perfectly for me
  4. thanks, I managed to get it working. The windows CD must be on its last leg
  5. just reran it and I got a slightly different message "One of the componenets that windows needs to continue setup could not be installed Error performing inpage operation If you are installing from a CD there might be a problem with the disc If you are installing for the network, it is possable that not all of the files were copied correctly to your disk drive" thanks for any help you might have to offer pedro
  6. so I'm trying to get winxp setup with paralells on my new macbook pro. Ive installed parallels fine and I can get the windows installer to run. But everytime it gets to "installing windows" in the windows installer it just sits there at '39 minutes remaing' and then eventually I get an error: "one of the componenets that windows needs could not be installed. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error' any ideas what is causing this? I thought it might be because I didnt have the mouse/keyboard captured in the window so i retried it witht he mouse clicked into the parallels window and still no dice. I'd really like to get this going today because I need Matlab installed and I only have the windows version.
  7. pedro_sandchez

    installing x11 on 18.4.8

    hey guys, I just purchased a brand new macbook pro two days ago. I need to install openoffice as well as a program called nx for work. Both require that x11 be installed. So i first tried downloading the installer from apples website and it tells me it cant install because newer software exists. when i check the applications and applications/utilities folder, there is no x11 in there. so I try installing from the osx CD. I just searched around until I found the package containing x11 and I ran it. It says it installs fine but still no x11 in either directory. But I still cant install openoffice or nx because it tells me there is no x11. what gives?!
  8. pedro_sandchez

    Apple Store Down, Macbook Core 2 Duo Is Coming!

    I've been waiting for my local apple stor to get in the new mbp for a week now. But now i may just go with the macbook. the only reason I wanted the MBP was for the dual layer burner and the C2D. and since the MB now has both of those, I might just save myself some cash and get it. but then again, the MBP is such a work of art! either way, this is exciting news.
  9. pedro_sandchez

    Mac Mini PPC for sale!

    I guess I dont really understand your strategy. "well, I couldnt sell it for 310 last week, so I'm going to raise the price to 320 this week" I'm not being an ass, I just dont understand what you are trying to do. Usually people post up something and when it doesnt sell, the price drops...so what gives here?
  10. pedro_sandchez

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    I adopted mozilla as my only browser a long time ago when it was still just "mozilla". Ive been an avid mozilla supporter (and have converted most of my friends) ever since. However, this thread has persuaded me to give some others a try. I think I'll be downloading opera very soon to give it a shot.
  11. pedro_sandchez

    MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Released

    finally what I've been waiting for. And to think, today I had decided that I was probably just going to take the plunge this week anyway. And now you get 40 gigs more space, and twice the ram for the same money! Not to mention a dual layer burner. I'm excited!
  12. pedro_sandchez

    Red MacBooks and iMacs on the Way?

    I thought the same thing until I saw one of the red nanos yesterday. I looks pretty awesome. Though I dont think a red macbook would look very good at all (judging from the pictures above).
  13. Well, I've been waiting to get a new macbook (maybe a pro) until the new core 2 duo is released in them. Hopefully that will be soon but I can hold out until then. Anyway. Along with it I would like to get some basic studio gear. I'd like a nice firewire interface, preferable around four channels and it would be nice if a couple of pre-amps were built in. I'd also like a decent keyboard midi controller. any suggestions for hardware that would work well with an intel macbook (or macbook pro)? thanks, Pedro
  14. thanks, thats exactly the sort of input I was looking for. If I'm not gonna notice any difference other than graphics then there really is no need for me to get the pro. I dont do any gaming nor do I do much with photos or graphics. I just do audio stuff. So I'm thinking the extra 600 dollars would be better spent on an external display to give me more space for mastering audio mixes. anyone else have an opposing view?
  15. So basically, I've been on the market for a mac for a long time now. I've just been waiting for my current pc laptop to give me a reason to. Well, this thing finally seems to be biting the dust for the last time and I'm going to be purchasing a new mac laptop sometime soon. Originally my plan was to get the mid range macbook. As in, the most powerful one in white. for the system I would want, with one gig of ram, (including student discount) the price comes to 1289. Or I could go the refub route and upgrade the memory myself for a total of just under 1200 But then yesterday while at compusa looking at the macs they have, I took a look at the macbook pro and it really is just an imaculate piece of hardware. This silver is so sleek and even though it has a larger screen, it really isnt that much bigger. Including student discout and one gig of ram this would come to 1889 or roughly 1800 from the refurb store. However,the specs just dont seem to be enough better to justify the cost. The only real difference is the larger screen and the better graphics (of course I'm probably missing something). Basically I'll mostly be using it to do your basic college stuff, papers, projects, presentations etc... The most intensive things I do on my pc are 1. audio editing...I do do some audio recording and editing for some of my friends that are in local bands using a 4 track firewire interface. 2. intensive matlab operations...being an electrical engineering student, matlab programming is a big part of my corriculum and typically for projects (both for class and my job in the research lab) require pretty intensive use of matlab scripts. so basically my question is, can the macbook handle the audio editing and intense number crunching that I'll be doing? Or do I need to spend the extra 600 or so dollars on the pro just to be safe? Thanks, pedro