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  1. iTunes 7.3 is out!

    Yes, it works with the iPhone...Is that it? no more improvements in this (reasonably) major version change?
  2. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Intel SSE2 OSx86 10.4.7 JaS DVD: Working: Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.0a6 Cog Twitteriffic Growl Skype 2.6 Adium 1.0.4 Azureus XChat-Aqua Camino Browser 1.5 Acquisition Burn Cabos AppZapper FFMpegX VisualHub iSquint Flip4Mac iTerm UnRarX iTheater MediaCentral TextMate Transmission Coda Transmit NicePlayer VLC XSlimmer
  3. Linux - What would you like to see get fixed ?

    I think Linux needs 2 things: 1. Better hardware support out-of-box...Basically, if my mom wanted to run linux, i'm sure she couldn't compile and install a kernel module, in this same idea, it would be cool if the kernel auto-compiled for your hardware on all distros. 2. Less FUD being spread around...Everyone who's not tech savvy thinks Linux is antiquated, or illegal (cuz it's free) or all command-line or really hard to install. I'd love to, in 2-3 years, walk into my local public library and see the computers running linux...that would be awesome.
  4. What Linux Distro Would you reccommend for me?

    i'd recommend Ubuntu 7.04 or POSSIBLY Sidux...they've both got pretty good hardware support and are pretty easy to use/install. I wouldn't recommend Debian 4.0 (Etch) because it's kind of difficult to use and it becomes out-dated very quickly...For example, it only came out about 2 months ago and already it's pretty out-dated...plus Stable is only updated ever year-year and a half...Ubuntu is updated every 6 months and Sidux is updated every few months.
  5. Hi all, i'm running JaS OSx86 10.4.7 on a SSE2-based machine and i want to try to update to 10.4.8...i was around this community before when 10.4.8 first came out and it broke a lot of stuff for me (iTunes and audio in Quicktime), so here are my 2 questions: 1. can someone link me to a good update that would work for me (i hear there is one out that makes the OS faster on SSE2 boxes and stuff and makes iTunes work, but i don't know what one it is)? 2. Should i even bother upgrading (especially if i get no replies to the first question)? I WAS reading that Semthex cracked the kernel and one of the 10.4.8 updates is quite a bit better for SSE2 machines, but i see so many of them on Demonoid that i don't know which one would be best for me. If anyone could help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks JD
  6. Natit for Nvidia with dual display

    i have a NV Geforce4 MX420 Go (works fine, and it mirrors to the 2nd display fine) on a 10.4.7 install...will Natit work for me?
  7. hi all, i'm having a bit of a problem here, i installed OSx86 10.4.7 on my HD (pre partitioned) and then installed Debian Etch/Testing/4.0 to the 2nd partition on my hard drive...of course it installed grub, but when i rebooted, all i had in Grub were the Linux entries, nothing for OSx...can i somehow add a few lines to my Grub meny.lst and be able to get back into OSx or did i totally screw myself? my OSx partition is /dev/hda1...if it's possible to load OSx from Grub, i'd REALLY appreciate it if someone could post the couple of lines i have to add to get it to work. Thanking you all in advance for your help JD
  8. 4 New 10.4.8 Combo Updates

    thank you so much JaS!...you really are the man...as soon as i get home, i'm gonna PayPal you some cash to your Get JaS a Mac fund. Keep up the good work please!
  9. Want to hire pro hacker for custom install

    a friend of mine was able to do it...the only thing that's missing is handwriting support...it runs like {censored} but that's just because it's on horribly slow hardware
  10. Download Accelerator

    yeah, i used DownThemAll for about a week amd it thought it was way too bloated and barely made a difference in download speed (MAYBE 49 seconds to DL a file as opposed to 50 seconds without DownThemAll).
  11. mine is named Laura on the hackintosh
  12. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    I have a G4 Mac Mini in my Prius and a 17" MacBook Pro
  13. Computer Names

    for me: The Hackintosh- Laura PocketPC 1- Adim PocketPC 2- Eve *These 2 are pretty apparent why they have the names they have...they're both HP iPaq hx2795's the crappy Dell laptop- Lillith *Google the story of Lillith from the bible...this is the laptop that goes EVERYWHERE with me the main Desktop- Leela the MacBook Pro- Jessica the file server (home)- Anarchy *The center of my network is Anarchy The MythTV Box- Zer0_c00l the backup desktop- Acid Burn the other laptop- Nikon *Obligatory Hackers (movie) references...i even tried to get their boot screens as close as possible to the ones each person used on their laptops in the movie oh, and my IRC Server (at the host)- Anna * http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=80...mp;q=Boten+Anna I have 1 other computer, but i VERY rarely use it so i haven't named it.

    i just saw this movie last night and it was AWESOME...i like the action, Jason Statham is cool and it was an OK story...some of the camera work was a little weird (all the odd shinyness and stuff). and i thought the end of the movie was one of the best scenes.
  15. Formating to NTFS

    you can't directly do it the way you're thinking...you have to delete the HFS+ partition and create a new partition and format it as NTFS...and this is true that OSx won't really take advantage of $3000 hardware...that's why you either dual boot OSx and XP or you run OSx in VMWare inside of XP