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  1. The first home computer I owned was the MSX. Then I got myself the immortal c-64. Then my first pc, a 386 with DOS. It had an GUI also, which wasn't Windows, but I can't recall it's name. Dosshell I think? Afterwards Windows 95 and then Windows 98SE which I had until off course XP. Never bothered too much with stuff like Linux. Then I experianced OS X through PearPc, which I loved at first glance, but was SLOOOWWW. Jumped the OS X x86/ Hackingtosh since 10.4.1. :censored2: Was amazed with the speed improvements in 10.4.3. Never upgraded since to the newer updates, because all the hassle with the lack of SSE3 on my Athlon64 Winchester. Used my Hackingtosh as the primairely OS for iTunes, e-mail & surfing and switched to my WinXP partition for all the other stuff. Got my MacBook last summer which wasn't a dissapointment by far. Love it. Only thing it's not suited for is gaming since it's got a mere 64mb shared memory. Eversince I can't stand my XP PC without a good OS X themed WindowBlinds skin applied...
  2. Question: Will it run fluently on my MacBook? It is a Dual core 2 Ghz, withc 512bm installed... I'm kinda waiting for the 3d graphics to be included, which is what I've read elsewhere what will be be included in a future version of Parallels. I wonder if I need my REAL PC any longer by then or can put it on e-bay or something.. Do you guys still use your PC, now that u use Parallels on your Mac? Duh, probable for games at least, since there's no 3D graphics included yet..
  3. wiebeest

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Dude. Check this: Opera tabs below adress bar Tab below adressbar is no problem, you see. Now ready to make the Opera switch? ;-) Greetz, Wiebeest
  4. wiebeest

    Jobs sells his Apple stocks

    That would be...very unlikely. But... Early April fools day-joke?
  5. wiebeest

    Movement or Geekhood

    Even for nVidia/sans working kext so forced to VESA3? I thought divx etc utillised the GPU? What worries me is no cool'n'quiet support for my AMD64 under os X Under Windows c'n'q makes it run @1000mhz for common usage, (Houston, we've found an advantage for Windows over osx !!!) And now under osx it runs at it's full 2.21 GHz capacity. Q: Will this seriously shorten the life expectancy for my AMD cpu? Greetings, Wiebeest
  6. wiebeest

    very small problem with reboot in 10.4.3 8f1099

    Same here. Version 10.4.3 (built 8F1099). Works like a charm. Fast as hell, even only VESA 3.0 on my nVidia card. Shuts down perfectly. But when I try rebout, it logs of and then I get the blue screen with the rotating thobber and it hangs. Have to do hw reboot. I've searched the forum, FAQ and WiKi, but couldn't find a sollution. Anybody?
  7. wiebeest

    Apple's EFI choice

    1) Apple consider their os to be superior, while they may be right atm, they neglect the fact that what, 95% of the x86 market is Windows. 2) Yeah. That's when MAxxuss patches come in handy. Same reason people use no-cd patches for their legally bought games, because the cd-protections slow down performance, in fact sometimes even prevent the cd-rom from playing in certain cd/dvd hardware. 3) the biggest joke indeed is the announcement that Vista will not support EFI.
  8. True, very true. But at first, every SSE2 (patched SSE3) x86 cpu (be it Intel/be it AMD) would do, but from what I read at the top of this thread ia that there are specific Intel checks to tackle now.
  9. Let's speculate a bit? I'm assuming Intel will want to do this for obvious reasons . Then I think Apple Pro applications will incorporate some type of CPU limitation scheme. Lastly, maybe Adobe and Macromedia apps will do the same? Well, M$ dropped the Intel 64-bit Itanium version of Windows in favor of AMD's Athlon64 64-bit code for their Windows xp 64 bit edition Itanic XP and before with AMD64 instruction for hardware enabled DEP with sp2. Let's walkon down your road of possible predictions, shall we? If Apple borders up their Mac OS X against the AMD cpu's, which for the record we certainly wouldn't want to happen, and future unibin software get's anti-AMD code included... But uncle Bill starts to see Intel os X as a serious thread for Windows (that is still, what...? 95% of x86 market-share?) on the x86 market... What keeps him from enable a pact with AMD for Athlon optimised Vista and future os's? I realise this is a daring path to walk, since this definitely is an os X-fanboys site, but hear me out; I get the sense that most of the people overhere are also AMD-fanboys over Intel (why else would Maxxuss' AMD instead of Intel cpu patches be so populair?) and sans directx support for the Intel Mac, gaming will never be populair as under Windows. For crying out loud: Ati-support only Intel Mac is solely OpenGl enabled...OpenGl has been nVidia's weapon of choice over Ati for ages, go figure Add this fact that no nVidia support under Intel Macs is a big sinful no-no, since there are more pro-nVidia peops, than there are pro-Ati peops, who obviously would want driver-support for their brand new Geforce 7900GTX $$$ nVidia gpu that goes beyond drawing a GUI (what the heck do you think 3d GPU's were made for...duh!). Or else they would have no other choice then to turn to the Vista & > os. Make that an AMD optimised/freedom of GPU choice for nVidia, Matrox as well as Ati/gaming rig that also does great at buisness apps versus the Intel optimised x86 os X ...and who do you think will draw the shortest straw? IMO Apple has the "superior os", that's why all people on this board want it to run on they x86 rigs in the first place, but what it all comes down to is I think Apple's switch from 'their' G-range/powerpc market to the (basically) 'Microsofts' x86 market could only be great if they respect x86's primairy unwritten law: freedom of choice. Choice for the CPU (be it Intel, be it -the superior?- AMD), choice for the GPU (be it Ati, be it nVidia, be it Matrox, be it...?). Amen!
  10. wiebeest

    Quick question about VMware

    Heishi, What are your hardware specs? Under VMWare--> edit virtual machine settings-->usb controller See here for details, but again this doesn't seem to work under Mac OS X 10.4.3 (8F1099). You should go native for that to work and faster performance. Performance of the GUI is allready quite good under VMware 5.5, but for instance your bus speed is halved compared to native and iTunes/audio, SSE3-->SSE2 emulation, Rosetta, etc act much better native too. Good luck!
  11. wiebeest

    Any developments on nvidia?

    Yeah, like Glidewrappers emulate the 3dfx-cards? But both nVidia and Ati are DirectX&OpenGl cards...so what's to emulate? The architecture? Or the Ati-calls, sorta like M-us did with his SSE3-->SSE2 patches? The refreshrate that stays fixed for now @60Hz when running trough VESA and truely kills the eyes, but...get's solved when you switch to a LCD display. It's what I did recently and it worked miracles.
  12. wiebeest

    Quick question about VMware

    USB used to work under 10.4.1 with my specs (see signature) through VMware.Did you enable usb through VMware's settings? Currently I'm using Mac OS X 10.4.3 (8F1099), which is alot faster than 10.4.1, but usb now doesn't work. Under VMware that is, when I boot natively usb works perfectly...
  13. Not likely, why would they want to support 'older' Nvidia cards, if it has no benefit to x86 Mac other than encourage non-mac uses to go x86-os X?
  14. I'm currently using 10.4.3 built 8f1099 on my AMD64 3500+ non-SSE3 Winchester rig. Performance is quite wel compared to my former 10.4.1 install. I didn't upgrade to built 8f1111 because it was reported to be slower for SSE2 only cpu's than my current version. I understood that this was because more SSE3 emulation was was involved. Nowadays 10.4.4 seems to be the thing (with 10.4.5 coming up). Will upgrading to 10.4.4 be advisable or should I stay with my current 8f1099, considering my specs? Greetings, Wiebeest