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  1. ok i found iout it is not possible yet. no support.
  2. I could not found any successes with the new 9600GT 512mb cards on this forum. Anybody got it to work sandard? I have one everything seems to work on my computer (shuttle) audio, network, not booting :-( only my video seem to be a 32mb nvidia card with a max res of 1024x768. would be nice if i could get it to work.
  3. Could that be problem. I had Xp on a a empty partition, i think in ntfs format. I installed kalyway 10.5.2 on that partition after formatting it first to a apple format. After reboot it said could not find system and it wouldnt boot. not to osx and not to xp anymore. Even after the mbrfix and fixboot command i could not get it to boot. Could it be to make that partition primairy and fat32 first? Are there any working mbr repair programs? I solved it by installing windows again on another partition. Now it boots again. Btw i got to osx by booting of dvd.
  4. wow

    News from the developer front!

    Me too have exactly the same problems. Wil the sse2 kernal have other improvments or bugfixes or is it the same with only the speedstep added?
  5. I just read somewhere on the net that apple has a avg profit 45% to 50% Thats what i call a healty profit
  6. wow

    New SSE3 build (sf3) (update: sf9)

    is google broken then? i didnt know it either but it took my 10 minutes to find out and install irc. See also the "chat" button ;-)
  7. wow

    Deadmoo image updgrading

    Like asked and answered so many times before :-) no it NOT possible, never ever. To diffenrent to upgrade
  8. wow

    Poor Quality MBP

    And then they say Apple is "A" quality That was 5 years ago true, but i see all the complaint people have with their mac's. I you buy a mac today then you have to buy apple care too or else you get screwed when it breaks.
  9. Arent those programmas that run under rossetta and are not so fast? But they say upgrading from norhrtwood sse2 to a prescott sse3 gives the systeem better performance and compatability
  10. wow

    The Intel Apple Core...

    Please do your self a favour and never go up the stage as a stand comedian
  11. wow

    Toast 8, blu-ray support

  12. He i didnt noticed it at first, but KDE also comes to windows, not only osx
  13. wow

    From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Yeah the 600 euro mm is too handicapped, you want a dvd burner and 1gb mem, etc. That cost so much that for almost the same mony you can buy the complete 900 euro model. Then you still got the slow harddisk, my biggest complaint. For 500 euro it would be an nice toy to play with. but not for 900. But my computer also run osx withhout a problem so i dont care. leopard nice but tiger is good enough for me to run my few mac programs. Imac is better, i really liked that one. But is has no portrait mode. So i have to keep the pc with osx for now.
  14. osx (or its filesystem) is already auto defrag
  15. wow

    Why 10.4.4 login window?

    becuase the 1048 windows crashes on a 1048 install, the 1044 is the only solution. Do a search if you ant to know more.