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    Computers, hacking, system security, programming, apache, webserver, macs, pc, osx86, vista, dos, network security, mathematical and scientific theory, logic, graphics development, Anime
  1. You won't get me again, FBI man.
  2. trav1085

    Demonoid Tracker Back Up

    Even after Demonoid shut down, I was still able to connect to the tracker and get seeds/peers. I don't think this is anything big...
  3. trav1085

    Your Real Personal Savior

    I am my own savior.
  4. trav1085

    Global Warming

    I don't believe global warming exists, but if it does, it's our vault _only_ and we can fix it. That is, if we all try.
  5. I've never been to any of them, but I don't have any problem with those countries. Although the media makes it look like they are all terrorists and such, that's only certain groups, not the countries. They are all trying their best to sort that out and get rid of those bad stereotypes. Indian food is great, I love spicy food. I agree with erei33 on those racist jokes, they are funny but I don't take them seriously (as nobody should).
  6. trav1085

    The Faces of InsanelyMac

    I'm the one with the camera...
  7. trav1085


  8. trav1085

    Translation without Kanji characters

    If you can kinda understand it you want the kanji/kana in romaji? If I understand correctly you can't read kana/kanji but understand some romaji, correct? http://j-talk.com/nihongo/
  9. trav1085

    My call with Apple Support

    If all else fails you can try my own link, http://zentec.110mb.com/apple_call.mp3.jpg. I called Microsoft once and asked to talk to Bill Gates, he laughed and said that was a little too hard then left a memo for him.. but this is way better lol!
  10. trav1085

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    I got on my library waiting list, 446, there are a lot of copies still on order but still, I just downloaded the leaked ebook, much faster that waiting like I did for the half-blood prince.
  11. trav1085

    What's your PhishIQ?

    10/10 The last question I pressed the wrong one, so technically It said 9/10 but the page was already loading by the time I realized my mistake.
  12. trav1085

    ENTER AT OWN RISK HP7 is all i will say

    This has to be a fake, anybody with Photoshop, a book or picture of a book (for template), and 30 minutes could create this.
  13. True, UAC does it's job, but with ALL those dialogs, can you do yours? Without UAC, Vista isn't any more secure than any version of Windows. I use XP, and am not going to switch to Vista because I know I (and what I do) won't find a difference, since I can't work with UAC on.
  14. trav1085

    Tiger 10.4.10 is in the works!

    I guess could work, but wouldn't that mean that 10.4.9 wasn't complete or had bugs, so they are just re-releasing patch for the 10.4.9. Maybe they would switch to roman numerals and use 10.4.X. That may get confusing eventually...
  15. I agree with djpc47, about bootlegging. Look at the side of the Vista Ultimate picture, it says "Ulimate", lol