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  1. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    I haven't been here for long and maybe this is the wrong place to ask but if I where to get a x79 m-atx mobo would there be more benefits / safer to get a Gigabyte one if I ever wanted to run OS X on it or would something from Asus work to? MSI? Though I rather buy a brand I trust than {censored}. I've already had a Gigabyte motherboard .. (And yeah, this cheap second-hand bought MSI one also suck, VIA chipset on both ) Anyhow, is there even a m-atx Gigabyte x79 motherboard you know work / can really recommend which I can just get and be done with? In that case feel free to link/PM whatever would needed so I can use that later. Thanks. If inappropriate I or moderators can remove this comment.
  2. Of course they own OS X, and of course they have probably licensed/are allowed to use some things not invented over at Apple, that doesn't mean they have less of a ownership or right to decide what they want to do with their product (as long as their licenses/agreements allows that of course.) It's not "from Unix", even thought BSD are indeed made from Unix, the branding are just a certification as in a test to see if it behaves as unix does. It doesn't mean much. I could be just as much unix without being allowed to be called unix.
  3. MacWorld 2008 Transcript Leaked?

    I think you are confusing PCI-express x1-x16 with SLI. SLI = 2 gpus. PCI-express 1x = slowest PCI-express, 4x = little wider, more bw, 8x = what you normally get in SLI mode, 16x = what is used for graphics cards.
  4. Also when you start to upgrade stuff you often find yourself more or less upgrading it all anyway, and since macs "has no games" more or less you don't need the latest and greatest gfx card and since Apple know what machines they have released they make sure that atleast the last years models can run the new version of the OS. So if you buy say an iMac just update it all when you need something better, it has a decent resell value or you could use it as a spare machine, which is what I would probably have wanted to do with an old PC instead of updating it anyway. (And you could buy a laptop every second time and a desktop the other time and you will have a reason to keep both ;D)
  5. Safari 3 on SSE2?

    Anyone tried it yet? Did it work?
  6. I don't know why yours does that but of course the mentioned battery life on the new ones are only under ultimate conditions, it's not like you will see that irl anytime. I hate people like you.
  7. Why is it that everyone gives credits to Apple and not Sun? What says Apple have done anything at all? Why do people seem to belive Sun can't do this stuff alone? It's not like Sun NEEDS Apple, it's just that the filesystem is open source so Apple can use it if they want to. Probably major {censored} that Apple can boot it before Sun to, you have been able to sort of boot it for a while and eventually boot it aswell in the community release, I haven't followed the last builds so I don't know. But it's safe to say that Sun have done work on it. According to this they first booted it August the 1st 2005: http://blogs.sun.com/tabriz/entry/zfs_boot I can't say for sure that Sun helps Apple porting it, or that Apple might pay Sun and eventually submit patches back to Sun either, but what I'm 100% sure in is that Apple doesn't deserv the credit. Ask google. http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/faq.jsp#q_3 http://www.sun.com/2004-0914/feature/ http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/zfs/ Only issues I see are with the {censored} apps which does use filenames in other "cases" than the names they have in their code, Warcraft III and Photoshop comes to my mind, I already have issues with those in HFSX+ and those will be the same in ZFS, but it's easily solved, but I would prefer if Blizzard and Adobe fixed it instead.
  8. I like adium but if I get a real mac with webcam and so on I would like it to work, so I would therefor prefer iChat, also I like that it doesn't support MSN thought everyone uses MSN over here, I just wish they didn't ;D Anyway, iChat looks like {censored} and I'm not very fond of the idea of having three contact lists, are there any way to get all services into one contact list? I hope iChat gets sexier in Leopard, thought I doubt it, it seems like Apple just make a product until it's good enough and then leave it =P, but what do I know ;D
  9. People have already answered it but the 3GB issue doesn't have anything with OS X to do and all with the chipset to do. That's why the mac pro can use it but the intel 945 based machines can't.
  10. I use a razer deathadder in os x, which haven't got os x support, but usb overdrive makes all my buttons work (I doubt it run at 1800 dpi with the faster polling and stuff thought.)
  11. SR MBP Memory

    It would require more work and I guess 1x 2GB module cost more than 2x 1GB.
  12. 10.4.7 USB 2.0 **FIXED**

    I have some msi mobo with viacrap aswell and USB 2.0 doesn't work here either, I "solved" it by removing the ehcidir completely.. With your solution does the memory card reader or whatever work? What about other usb 2.0 items such as scanner?
  13. Your favorite *nix GUI

    KDE If I had and wanted to spend infinite time configuring stuff I would use FVWM, some of the window managers which actually MANAGES windows and just doesn't look fancy (ratpoison and similair) might be nice to. But KDE is that I prefer.
  14. Not very helpful but I still can't get why anyone would risk it and have to spend lots of time with problems by buying a new machine which isn't a mac even thought they do wanna run OS X. Doesn't compute over here. If you want to run OS X on an old machine I'm all with you, but if you are going to buy a new one why not just buy something you know works? And also supports the company whose OS you are so desperatly after?
  15. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Opera. Innovative, fast, low on resources, free, portable. Shiira sucked, slow and crashed within like 2 minutes. Safari is also plenty slow, I've learned that it's probably due to flash sucking on OS X (well, even more, if possible, flash sucks everywhere), also I guess all the flash banners which you actually have to see doesn't help. It crashes quite often over here. Firefox/camino: Not as good as opera, thought nice plugins. Omniweb: Haven't tried, I guess it would be very slow thought.