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  1. That might worth a try, Oliveiro! Will do!
  2. Didn’t work. Another thing, probably related: if I let the Windowserver crash looping for a while, my CPU gets dangerously hot.
  3. Oliveiro, the only non-vanilla kext I have is FakeSMC. Yes, the BIOS settings are correct. I don’t even know what Lilu is: my hackintosh has been stable for so long that I kind of stopped keeping up with the newest develeopments. For example, this config is the one that is working, with perhaps one tweak here and there, since Yosemite (or perhaps before: I really don’t remember). Thank god, this time I was cautious enough to install High Sierra on a new SSD, so I have my main working Sierra install intact - I tried High Sierra as soon as it was released on my main SSD and it was a disaster, so I restored Sierra from the Time Machine and decided to wait a few months. I see that waiting didn’t help: something seems to have changed at fundamental level and don’t have the slight intention to buy new hardware. Anyway, I’ll follow your recommendation and build a config from sctratch, then report back.
  4. Tried olivero’s suggestion of changing SMBIOS, no improvement. Only safe mode, regardless of nv_disable=1 or not.
  5. Will try all solutions later tonight and report back! Thank you both
  6. Nv_disable did no good. Steel safe mode is the only way to boot high sierra. Strange.
  7. Same error: windowserver crashes unless I start in safe mode. Clean install makes no difference. Strange... Intel hackintoshing is not as straightforward as it used to be. Unfortunately none of my monitors have HDMI: the one I use with the HD4600 is DVI and the one used with the nVidia 9800 GT is VGA-only.
  8. Plus, the troubleshooting I have found here and elsewhere doesn't seem to apply to my own case, first because it is not really the dual monitor setting that is causing trouble, for if I boot with only one monitor plugged in without being in safe mode, the result would also be a black screen (in both cases, the mouse pointer even shows up for a second before vanishing and the screen fading to back). I think it is something wrong with my config.plist. I uploaded it (with # covering the serials etc) if someone could take a look and find errors I did not. config.plist.zip
  9. Done, nothing changes. Only boots in safe mode. Running out of ideas.
  10. Well, will try to update to the latest version and report back.
  11. Intel i7 4790K, Z97 Gryphon, 10.13.2, latest clover. Using a dual monitor setup, IGPU (DVI connector, primary GPU) and a nVidia card to VGA monitor. Using the very same config.plist that have been working fine with 10.12. Cannot log in to iCloud as well, but perhaps that has to do with safe mode. System report shows both cards correctly (of course in safe mode, since that~s the only way I can boot High Sierra).
  12. theconnactic

    Realtek ALC889 AppleHDA Audio

  13. theconnactic

    OSInstall.mpkg not found

    I’m on a hack, the sequence of posts didn’t help me. But I do intend to wait a couple of months at least after my recent experience trying to upgrade. Cheers!
  14. theconnactic

    OSInstall.mpkg not found

    Plagued by this error, I reverted back to 10.12.6. Will wait a few months until the installation process becomes more straightforward - it always does. Yeah, I'm rusty - but High Sierra is perhaps the most difficult upgrade since Yosemite IMO.
  15. Sorry for hijacking the topic, but I’m stuck in the same situation for days now. Updating the SMBIOS didn’t solve the issue. Installing from an USB thumbdrive (made with createimstallmdedia). Latest Clover et all. Never had such a difficult installation before with an Intel system! What more can I do? Thank you in advance. P.S.: my sig is almost updated, but I’m using iMac 14,2 (using the updated SMBIOS for it) P.P.S.: deleted the nvram plist file inside EFI P.P.P.S.: it’s a clean install to a SSD! P.P.P.P.S.: legacy Clover EFI, I don’t like UEFI boot at all.