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  1. Wow, you just caught me. I will say this. Andrew tried to help but is no longer doing this and I gave up on this particular project, because it is too unstable. I have another build using and X299 mobo and i9-7980XE CPU. Much faster system and much more reliable. I'm still the second fastest system that's recorded a GeekBench of over 60,000. You may want to try that setup instead. Let me know and I'll send you the link to that build. Later...
  2. I couldn't find the BIOS Version until I finally looked at the bottom of the screen: Version 2.17.1246 So it looks like (according to the Asus Tech Support person), I'm using: 1246. if that's the case, am I safe to update to 1301 or even 1401? Remember I'm using Mac OS X 10.13.2. Now about the GPUs, I did think about that and also thought about the Memory Bus limit on the Pro Duo card (512 bit). Hopefully that won't be a hinderance. If it is, I'll just sell it for what I paid for it and just stick to the Vega Frontier cards. I look forward to your reply on the BIOS stuff. Thanks...
  3. I'm not sure, I usually don't ever worry about that as I've never had that issue. I typically use all the Adobe and Microsoft apps and they've always worked with updates. Aside from that I had a question that I emailed you, but can also ask here... I know you mentioned to update the bios to 140 on the X299 board. Will 10.1 3.2 still work under the newer bios update? I just want to find out before I update it. Part of the reason why am asking is because I'm building a backup system and that new set up is going to be: Asus Prime X299-Deluxe Mobo Trident 32GB 3200MHz RAM AMD Pro Duo 32GB (Polaris) GPU i9-7960X CPU EVGA T2 1200W PSU Again, it’s very similar to my other set up, with the exception that I’m currently using a 1600 W power supply, 64 gigs more RAM, and an i9-7980XE CPU. So all I should have to do is pull out one of my backup hard drives and attach it to that system after I set the bios the same exact way that I have my current bios set up and it should work. That’s reason why I want to find out if I should update the bios? I look forward to your reply here very soon. Lastly, I just purchased a AMD Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (Polaris) GPU. I'm hoping it performs better than the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier 16GB GPU. I have two links that give you all the specs. How do you think it will perform? https://videocardz.net/amd-radeon-vega-frontier-edition/ https://videocardz.net/amd-radeon-pro-duo-polaris/ The only issue that I possibly see is that the Vega has a Memory Bus of: 2048 bit, While the Pro Duo has a Memory Bus of: 512 bit. Do you know anything about that?
  4. Really? Wow! I have so many programs to have to reinstall if I go that route. You sure that I can't install this over my existing OS (10.13.2)? Let me know what you can. By the way, I know you won't be able to answer this until the July 23rd. I'll wait to hear back from you then.
  5. Thank you. I read through this and noticed that I have to do a clean install. Do I have to do a clean install or do I start on D.6) to nstall this over my existing OS (like I did on the last upgrade)? Let me know, thanks again.
  6. You got it. I was wondering where is "C.7)?" I couldn't find here. All I could find was C.5) then it went straight to C.9). Maybe I'm looking at the wrong section.
  7. Thank you for letting me know this. When you say "adopt the file for your CPU." I have no idea what that means. I know I just emailed you my reply, but what I'm going to do (as I mentioned before), I'm going to wait until the full version of Mojave (10.4.X) comes out and when it does I will take two to three days of focused time and follow your updated steps and then go back and forth with my questions that I will have then. Thank you again for your dedication and help. On a side note, for anyone who reads this, we benefit off of men like KGP who contribute their time and effort (quite honestly to have the best Hackintosh setup out there currently). I know to some it may not mean much, but if there is any type of contribution that we can give KGP (if you haven't yet), then if you can, please find a way to contribute towards his efforts. By the way KGP never asked me to do this, I'm just saying this as he has been a amazing help to me and the rest of us who have this particular setup. I like having a Mac Pro system that runs circles around the current Mac Pro for half the cost and it's faster! Thanks again KGP!!!
  8. Hi KGP, I just tried to follow the steps to acquire the file you mentioned that I needed: 4.) To avoid Skylake-X thread TSC desynchronisation errors during boot and wake from S3 with unpatched X299 mainboards, likely induced by yet erroneous Skylake-X BIOS microcode implementations, we need to use TSCAdjustReset.kext provided by @interferenc in the /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ directory of both USB Flash Drive and System Disk. To access TSCAdjustRest.kext, download primarily its source distribution from Github with the following terminal command: git clone https://github.com/interferenc/TSCAdjustReset Subsequently copy the TSCAdjustRest source distribution to your Desktop using the following terminal command: mv /TSCAdjustReset ~/Desktop Unfortunately, It gave me this reply in Terminal: Last login: Sun Jul 8 13:17:23 on console Mypc-iMac:~ mypc$ -bash: mypc: command not found Mypc-iMac:~ mypc$ git clone https://github.com/interferenc/TSCAdjustReset Cloning into 'TSCAdjustReset'... fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/interferenc/TSCAdjustReset/': The requested URL returned error: 400 Mypc-iMac:~ mypc$ mv /TSCAdjustReset ~/Desktop mv: rename /TSCAdjustReset to /Users/mypc/Desktop/TSCAdjustReset: No such file or directory Mypc-iMac:~ mypc$ So obviously I'm doing something wrong that it won't post this file to my desktop. I did go here and downloaded the zip file: https://github.com/interferenc/TSCAdjustReset Anything else that I need to do?
  9. Hi KGP, It's just me Punk. Just wanted to reach out as I emailed you a few times within the week and was looking forward to a reply. I'm sure you're busy, but when you have time, I look forward to your reply. Thank you.
  10. PunkNugget

    mod iBall

    Very unique. Thanks for sharing!
  11. You might want to go here: ##### and ask KGP as he was helping me with sound issue and using my Asus board. Hope this helps.
  12. I don’t know about those cards, so I couldn’t tell you. Never tested them.
  13. I actually have two of the Vega Frontier cards as I can’t have more than two monitors working on one card. The only way to get three monitors working is to get two cards and you also have to connect DisplayPorts in a particular order or it doesn’t work. Even a Hackintosh has its quirks, but it does work.
  14. I agree with KGP. Although I do see that he does lean towards the Asus board, he did (like myself) inially use the Gigabyte board and through his thorough research has found that the Asus board is much more reliable. I too was the second person that went through the same issues that he did. So you have two testimonies. Also he’s much better at explaining how would install everything then I could ever be, That’s why I provided that link to his post. Just to let you know he has also provided continued help for people that own that particular Gigabyte board as well. In this area I have to say SurfinChina I too appreciate you removing some of your comments. I may not like KGP’s approach all the time, but at least he does make effort to help people.
  15. I don’t know much on how to program all those things you mentioned, but KGP did a Nic job explaining how to install the update to 10.13.2. http://bit.ly/2kMHiQr You may have been on here already, but if you haven’t you might want to look through that post. Read page one as KGP updates it periodically. Hope this helps, Later...