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  1. Western Digital Mybook Series

    I Have The 250GB Mybook Essential Edition and it's Great. But sometimes I have the same situation as Paranoid Marvin With The Power But it is no big deal. P.S Saved Loads of cash buying it on Newegg.com
  2. Yes it is from hackers by the way that is a good movie.
  3. Does anyone know were i got that from (mess withe the best die like the rest)
  4. DVD Player

    Where did anybody get the idea i was on 10.4.8 im on 10.4.5 because the 10.4.8 update dint work on my PC.
  5. I call mine Hackintosh HD it gives me the feeling of a real mac but it remindes me how sweet it is you can run Mac OS on a PC
  6. DVD Player

    Were do i get VLC player
  7. I got my nickname from the origanal 1986 movie Tron im not really sure why i put the H because i usualy put E-Tron because The first letter of my real name is E
  8. iTunes Movies

    Demonoid Has alot of good movies i download them all the time.
  9. If i try to play a dvd on 10.4.5 dvd player open's and says it can not find a valid video device. if i install iDVD then do you know if that would work.
  10. GarageBand

    I Know a guy that had it and now he is giving me a copy so i dont need it anymore.
  11. GarageBand

    But i dont want to pay and i dont want bittorent because it takes a long time. Limewire i have checked and none of the downloads work because garageband is 2 Gigs
  12. GarageBand

    Does Anyone Know were i can download GarageBand But not on bittorent because it is really really slow