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  1. My new song's lyrics.

    That song is perfection. PICCOLOS hahaha.
  2. Aperture 1.5 on Jas 10.4.6-8

    The min requirement message is infuriating! What's the use closing? Why can't it at least try to work? I don't mind if it fails after warning me, at least try!
  3. MythTV for OS X

    Have you found a solution for this yet?
  4. Desperately Seeking BonziBuddy

    Aww I missed this guy, my computer is too quick without him
  5. Is Steve hurting Apple?

    I think steve should leave, simply because I'm a poet.
  6. Adium 1.0 Released

    Ah it's working for me now. Love this app!
  7. The import wizard is pretty easy to use. Google it.
  8. Test drove Vista RTM

    The price of hardware should go down because of this. The amount of hardware people buy will have to go up though
  9. it's safe if you don't care about your virtual drive
  10. only a reinstall, not something drastic or anything?
  11. Agloco: Browse for $$

    It sounds like it has potential so I signed up. At least I'll be dealing in shares at last www.agloco.com (no referral because it seems against their rules)
  12. Zune...

    I won one and sold it. It was OK but not compared to the pod.