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  1. Suprjacob should be banned cause he posted before me and we all know that no one posts before me ehehehhee
  2. Zealot

    Welcome back JaS ,count me in when you need some AMD testing :) .

  3. Oh no / Move (feat J dilla and Roc c)
  4. Zealot

    Its my round

    Kunttsman / Torobayo (black beer)
  5. Monster Island Czars - Escape from Monsta Island
  6. Zealot


    Cool stuff indeed , congrats !
  7. Verses From the Abstract - A Tribe Called Quest / The low end theory (Album)
  8. How are you dude long time withouth talking to you ...hope you are fine .



  9. Same , this is outrageous ...i mean for a firmware .Im not surpriced tho , Apple loves to do this kind of things .
  10. Zealot


    He used the customize app , but that app loads just sometimes on the ipod touchs . I think this thing is great and all but ...i did putted that on my safari bookmarks but it doesnt work the blue square it still there even tho i have this on my bookmarks, if some one could help me, that would be awesome , here you have a few information of my ipod touch : 16 g Jailbroken using 1.1.2 (oktoprep ) .
  11. Zealot


    Forgot to thank Joe75 for that , thanks dude .
  12. Zealot


    Yup sometimes theres no one in there , but last night i finally got to work my HD 3870 512 thanks to #radeon channel from irc.osx86.hu
  13. Zealot

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    What about 6999, its like sixty nine done it 99 times . PS: Happy Hollydays