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  1. WaldMeister

    High Sierra Update 10.13.4 Failed PLZ Help!

    Not sure if Hackintosh Zone is still unsupported, but please, for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, use punctuation.
  2. WaldMeister

    10.9.5 13F34 and nvidia GT710 vga port?

    A lot has changed since Mavericks. The card works for you on HDMI just not in VGA, am i correct? You friend has a MacBook with the same card which does work with VGA? I have no knowledge about Nvidia, but my guess is your device ID needs to be applied to a certain kext, or faked by the bootloader to another ID. I hope someone can give specifics.
  3. WaldMeister

    Fix the VIA VL800 USB 3.0 xHCI

    How about some hardware specs for starters?
  4. WaldMeister

    Intel E5 2680 v2 turbo speed not work

    Please attach the file here. When typing a post, drag the files, or click on choose files...
  5. WaldMeister

    HP Omen 17 Laptop Battery

    Hi, Do you know what the patches you applied do? Instead of the debug, could you provide us with the unedited ACPI tables?
  6. WaldMeister

    Lenovo Z710 DSDT Compile Problem

    I missed a lot i see. Thanks for this one!
  7. WaldMeister

    Lenovo Z710 DSDT Compile Problem

    Hi, There was an extra }. I removed: Method (_QC6, 0, NotSerialized) // _Qxx: EC Query { CreateField (^^^PEG0.PEGP.TGPC, 0x0A, 0x02, PRGE) If ((ToInteger (PRGE) == Zero)) { ^^^PEG0.LNKD = One } ^^^PEG0.PEGP.SGPO (^^^PEG0.PEGP.HLRS (One, ^^^PEG0.PEGP.SGPO (^^^PEG0.PEGP.PWEN (Zero), If ((ToInteger (PRGE) == 0x02)) { ^^^PEG0.LNKD = One }))) And it compiles fine now. To disable the Nvidia card you should not need the method QC6. Unfortunatly i have no easy way to merge DSDT and SSDT under Linux, use MacIASL, gives a nice overview and trees also on the left. DSDT.dsl
  8. WaldMeister

    HELP! Macos 10.12 op VMwork station HELP!

    Hi, Bij het starten van de VM direct F8 rammen totdat je een opdrachtregel ziet. Dan: -v Ingeven en enter drukken. @Ricoc90 Het gaat hier om een virtuele machine, niet een native installatie. Deze moet gepatched worden. Meer info hier: https://techsviewer.com/install-macos-sierra-vmware-windows/
  9. WaldMeister

    Computerbanen in Nederland

    Hi, Ik denk dat je met je huidige profiel als aantoonbaar bij menig detacheerder wel aan de slag kunt. Brunnel IT is 1 van de beteren, stellen ook zeer hoge eisen. Dan heb je nog Centric, Peak-IT, Inwork, etc... Wat de meest gevraagde vaardigheden/talen zijn in Nederland, geen idee. Engels en Nederlands word over het algemeen wel gewaardeerd. Je zou eens rond kunnen kijken op bijvoorbeeld Monsterboard.nl of indeed.nl, zodat je een beetje een idee krijgt van wat gezocht wordt. Succes met de zoektocht en emi/immi -gratie
  10. WaldMeister

    Gateway Timeout

    Hi, Regarding: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/search/?type=core_members I get a 504 gateway timeout. Due to my browser settings (Mozilla Firefox 59) this will be returned after 60 seconds. The response to receive the page is too slow. The site in general, but i understood it is being worked on, thank you for that!
  11. WaldMeister

    Recent topics

    Noticable though, best to have this in order before going online.
  12. WaldMeister

    Can't set a profile picture

    Seen your pic, was facebook connected before? if so, disconnect and try again.
  13. WaldMeister

    LENOVO B575 and High Sierra question

    What have you tried so far?
  14. WaldMeister

    Recent topics

    How are these recent? In replies, yes they are, in creation, well....
  15. WaldMeister

    Announcing WWDC18

    Not gonna make it sadly. Riding my bike i can cover 100km a day without getting sour muscles. Ik could reach Italy by then though. Can we get WWDC to relocate?