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  1. heat problem? I have a fairly new (last iteration) MBP 15.4 2.33 C2D. Sure it gets a little warm sometimes, but nothing I wouldn't expect. Fan noise only rarely, almost always silent too.
  2. phor2zero

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    7/10 7/10 actually pretty cool, unfortunately your username, avatar, and sig all have different spellings.
  3. phor2zero

    Dock & Dashboard problems

    I was getting the kernel panics from the 10.4.10 airport bug until I reinstalled the wireless-N update. One of those crashes damaged my Dock and Dashboard: I have no right click (or Ctrl-Click) functionality in the Dock. Context menu works fine everywhere else, but the items in the Dock do not respond. It's especially irritating when I want to close an app down, because I need to go down to the dock to select it and then up to the menu bar to close it. The Dashboard icon reappeared in my Dock (I had "swooshed" it away, because I use expose to get to the dashboard) as a blank paper icon. I am unable to "swoosh-away" any of the items in my Dock. I can add applications, but I cannot remove them without a plist edit. The Dashboard: When the plus-in-a-circle at the bottom left is selected, all the widgets produce small white squares where the "close" buttons should appear, although they do work as close buttons. The list of widgets at the bottom does not have arrows at the side of the screen to scroll through the long list, so I am only able to choose from the widgets that fit on the screen. I have created new accounts and they have these very same symptoms, so the problem is not restricted to my user account. I have scoured the plist and preferences files trying to find something that might help, with no luck. I have deleted plist files to allow osx to rebuild them, but it doesn't make a difference. Repair Permissions does not find any permissions to repair. I have tried Repairing Permissions from the install disk without any results either. Does anyone have any ideas I could try before I go to the trouble of a full reinstall? By the way, this is an 8 month old Macbook Pro 2.33 C2D. Don't let anyone tell you that Mac OS is more reliable than Win XP. It's a great OS and I love it, but it's not some flawless gem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. It would be a perfectly worthwhile investment. I love my Mac and I never even use the Bootcamp feature. I just boot Windows in Parallels for certain college coursework. Of course, you would need to buy a full install version of Vista, but an oem version of Ultimate is less than $300 anyways. The iMac's might be nice computers, I'm not sure. I'm a custom built PC kind of guy. The laptops though are topnotch super-duper. Unless you have so much money you're willing to buy a pancake griddle laptop like an XPS or Alienware, the Macbook Pro is virtually top of the line in every aspect. It's built with quality hardware and priced quite fairly. You would probably want to use bootcamp in Mac OSX to make a windows driver's disk before you wipe the harddrive and install windows though.
  5. phor2zero

    Optimized Firefox for Intel

    Thank you!.. I used Bon Echo for a little while, but I was having trouble so I switched back to the mozilla build. I'll try this one now. I'm using it on my Macbook Pro 2.33 C2D. My Hackint0sh hasn't been touched in months, mainly because I still have to open bios and disable SLI in order to get it to boot, then switch SLI back on when I'm done..... pain in the butt. EDIT: NEVER MIND. I've never heard of these FileHo guys, but their service doesn't work. I downloaded five 0KB files in a row. If someone else succesfully gets it, please put it somewhere good. (like Rapidshare)
  6. X-Man & Soundless: I'm sure glad you guys got that worked out. As far as the original question, the answer is an obvious yes, and it's for legal liability reasons. Ever since Maxxuss first released his work, we've had to limit direct links from here to his old sources. This was really a very minimal annoyance, and of no real hindrance to the project. We could always PM each other for more specific links, torrents etcetera. The point is that censorship by mashugly (or whoever is in charge now) is perfectly appropriate. This censorship happens for a number of reasons, the most important being that it prevents the entire site from being censored by Apple under the DMCA. It's also been pointed out that enforcing adherence to the rules significantly improves the forum. I for one do not want to have to wade through tons of junk posts just to find some actually valuable/interesting information. It's hard enough trying to find information in this forum, which is why noobs are always asking the same questions over and over again.
  7. phor2zero

    Dock Drive Icons

    I must be seriously misunderstanding what you want. I just dragged and dropped my "Macintosh HD" icon onto my Dock. Then I unchecked "Hard Drives" from showing on the desktop in Finder preferences. Tada-> I have my Hard disk in my Dock and not on my Desktop.
  8. phor2zero

    DVD Copy Software

    oneclickdvdcopy in combo with anydvd sounds like what you want. will they run in crossover?
  9. phor2zero

    Apple's Imposed 802.11n Enabler Patch

    I just think the whole thing is kind of silly. And no, I won't be going to the trouble of entering my credit card info or mailing a check with my checking account number boldly written on the front for a measly $5. I DO expect to be getting this functionality anyways..... get my drift?
  10. phor2zero

    CrossOver Mac 6.0 released

    I suppose I could try Microsoft Money 2007 Premium with this, but codeweavers website basically says ms money wasn't tested and probably won't work. It's the only windows only program I'd REALLY like to run in Mac OS (for security reasons)
  11. phor2zero

    Neverwinter Nights 2

    LOL.... I love my new mac, but I'm very much a PC hobbyist (building and tweaking etcetera). PC Gaming is where it's AT!!! Who needs an overpriced $700 PS3 when you can get a nice $3000 Windows machine to play ALL the best games on? NWN2 is a great game, and you're not going to be able to play it unless you have a decent windows machine. If you really want to play games on a Mac, than get a Pogo.com account.
  12. phor2zero

    Running Windows Apps on Leopard?

    It would have been (or "would be") nice if Apple had jumped in on Wine/Darwine/Crossover. It would be far more elegent to run Microsoft Money 2007 natively in OS X with built in Win32 API's. Parallels in Coherency is so cool it's almost awesome, even though it's really clunky compared to Darwine/Crossover. Unfortunately Darwine/Crossover has very limited functionality. It runs a couple of MS Office apps (unecessary with Office:Mac anyways) and Half Life 2 (that's cool!). The rest of the software compatibility list is entirely "unsupported" software. Very few Win32 apps work 100%, very few even work at all. I don't know how much commercial effort Crossover has put behind the Wine/Darwine projects, but I'm sure Apple could have (could) put lot's of expertise into it, with significant results. (still wishing for iMoney in iLife Suite though)
  13. The right click functionality of my new wireless mighty mouse fades with use. When first turned on it works well. After about 20 to 30 mins, it becomes much harder to get a "right click"... and after about 45 mins it won't recognize a right click at all..... every click is a left click. I have to turn it off and back on again to restore right click function. This is actually more annoying than you might think, especially when it first begins to fade, and my right clicks start producing unintended left clicks. Any idea what the problem is?... How can I fix this?
  14. so... has someone posted it online yet?
  15. phor2zero

    Apple TV

    hmmm... getting quicktime to play xvid was as simple as dumping the codec(s) into a folder. If the Apple TV turns out to be as easy to use as that, than it's super neat.... otherwise, if it only plays stuff purchased from iTunes store, it's kinda way too expensive.