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  1. i never liked oink.. but they werent a thorn in my side
  2. Silver Imac's- Anyone know how to open one up? i need to get the wireless card out
  3. Jcool does this work with mobility x300? ive tried others (natit,koverg) and i cant it going right
  4. Microsoft says "No Vista on Bootcamp"

    i run my own vlited ultimate vist anyways
  5. its on the bay

    lol Ninja like.. you mean Ninja-esque ? or ninja-ish?
  6. its on the bay

  7. How does one become a moderator?

    you have to :X (_(_)
  8. Something isnt working for me , p5b-deluxe e6300@3.45ghz installing onto: 300gb IDE which recognizes fine. gforce 8800gtx using external dvdrw to install.. i get the screen telling me to reboot. i chose the intel sse3 / univ kernel (both) in 2 diff installlations --------------- should i wait for 1.3?
  9. responding to the topic.. and not the drama... yeah this site is censored.. and not "just to keep the peace" as it has been claimed to be for. but to be able to have an account and read you have to be willing to take that {censored}.. i sure hope that post doesnt get erased...as others of mine have..
  10. Semthex's Propaganda

    out of curiosity: did he get his new computer?
  11. Semthex's Propaganda

    My only cents here.. I think Mash did a great job in creating this and with everyone's input and developement has turned into what it is today.. SO.. maybe whatever you sell the site for it should be given back to the very community that realized it. why not? and how.. Well i think you've peaked your " productivity with a imac and macbook" im sure you paid everyone back for your macbook out of money that the site was generating.. but abck to my point. i say get the active developers imacs so they can be more "productive" , upgrade the server.. add another one.. pay the hosting for a year.. anything other than pocketing it. just my opinion.
  12. MAC OS X Leopard 10.5 Beta

    I doubt stroke jobs will get you a copy of leopard either
  13. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    yeah thats what i ended up doing.. set the fsb not to 1/4 of the fsb , but the full fsb of 486 and that worked..
  14. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    ODD , installed fine and booted fine.. graphics are a bit fast.. but in a weird sense.. 3.4ghz e6300 is reported as 1.4ghz and my xbench went from 208 to 81.00 and alot of the cpu scores dropped.. very odd..