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  • Mr. Xtreme

    nVIDIA's first Pascal card has been released: the GTX 1080

    and now I'm sure the risk takers are trying them out in their hackintosh's, so I'm going to go over Pascal (I'm going to use the GTX 1080 as a reference, as the 1070 isn't released, correct me if I'm wrong) and check the features, and some info on hackintosh compatibility!
    Specs first
    New Pascal architecture (Duh)
    8GB GDDR5X memory
    2560 CUDA cores
    1607MHz base clock speed
    320GB/s memory bandwidth
    16 nm manufacturing process
    Pricing is quite a bit over $600 USD as they are selling a founders version mostly right now, so that price will get cheaper.

    Now some of the mains points of pascal are:
    Low power consumption
    16 nm manufacturing process (vs the 28 nm of nVIDIA's previous "Maxwell" architecture.
    and high power performance

    Now I'm not here to so much do a review on the video card, I'm more checking out the stuff that hackintoshers are interested in,
    so that brings us to OS X compatibility:
    OS X 10.11.0 to 10.11.6: None
    OS X 10.10.0 to 10.0.5: None
    OS X 10.9.0 to 10.9.5: None

    The list goes on, pascal (Which means GTX 1080, and 1070) have no support in OS X at all! If you are a die hard, then by all means go and enjoy a low resolution, crumby performance, and no HDMI audio, etc. Devs, go for it if you want to try to get it to work on OS X.
    To sum it all up, the pascal line of cards doesn't work yet, and It'll be awhile till they are, buy a 980, and the best intel i7 CPU you can find if you are willing to fork out that much cash.
    -XtremeHacker, June 6th, 2016

  • Mr. Xtreme

    According to a recent report from british Hackintosh Group "Hack'nTod", Apple's next os will be called "macOS"

    According to a recent report from british Hackintosh Group "Hack'nTod", Apple's next os will be called "mac
    OS", and for good reason. Apple's next OS a merge is going to be a of iOS and OS X! The result? A new OS that will replace OS X, and iOS. "macOS" will run on both Apple's ARM CPUs and Intel's CPUs! However, considering how, once Apple switched from PowerPC to intel, it only supported PowerPC for two more OS X versions before pulling PowerPC support.
    All in all, the hackintosh scene is in trouble...
    If you believed the above, then....
    April Fools!

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