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WWDC 2017 - News

  • Let's see what's the news in this WWDC 2017.

To what the WWDC use the official Apple's site.


Apple Events


Before click in the play button you must have this requirements:


Live streaming uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology.

HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Streaming via Apple TV requires an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation).


Source: Apple.


Follow the people get in on Apple's building here


Courtesy of 9to5Mac. ^_^

Stay connected, this topic will be updated as Apple show us the news. ;)

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Cupertino organized a meeting for a small group of the journalists, in last April 2017 and Phil Schiller said, "We have great prospects for the iMac."
"We will create iMac configurations specifically tailored for Pro." "No, the tactile is not in the prerequisites of professionals. Instead, they are interested in performance and storable storage."



i think apple abandon MacPro series, no?  :(



According to Craig Federighi: "The iMac has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Tasks previously entrusted to Mac Pro can now be executed without problems on the iMac".


That says it all, IMO.  :yes:

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iMac Pro! A black version wow!!!  :frantics:



2 fans inside!!! 


8-Core,10-Core and 18-Core Xeon CPU!

Radeon Vega GPUs!

128GB ECC of RAM.

4x Thunderboltports ports.



1080p FaceTime camera - T.h.a.t is n.i.c.e!!!

More news about this iMac Pro.



$4.999 available in December.


18 cores on a "iMac" like?


Oh boy...



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And if we pay attention in the new iMac Pro images, some devices can be switched  ;)


Yeah the picture was clear enough to see the expandable memory like it used to be not the idiotic idea of soldered memory modules to the logic board. and maybe even replaceable GPUs and even the CPU itself!

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