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The macOS 10.13 is coming...

Every year we hope great news about macOS, and Apple has really working on it.


In Piker's Universum, we can see that's is true. Not a fake new, as we had in the passed years.


Look this URL:




And this is the Pike's explanation: "What you see here is a (large part) of the CatalogURL for developer seeds. A secure (HTTPS) link (note the green “Apple Inc.”) so this is not some fake link."


And you, what do you expect to see in this next mac OS version? Share with us! ;)


Source: Pike's Universum

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WTF is it with this yearly new OS model? It takes like 8 months for an OS to iron out the issues (im still on El Cap waiting for Sierra to get better), and before they even get the current OS running good, they announce the next one? Its a nightmare since when you update, you find it breaks several things (some apps dont work anymore, some apps crash, the CPU usage goes up while doing the same task, etc), but then some apps will not work UNLESS you update, and to go through this every year is retarded.

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Releasing a macOS 11 or XI or whatever else would allow Apple to mark a great step towards renewal (assuming that it is not just another release number there  :P ).


Instead, they remain on the extension of the "X" version, which it is clearly meaning that we will not see significant changes in the next macOS beta upgrade. :rolleyes:


It is the only thing that I see.

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Yes, of course... it is all purpose of the 10.13 adding in catalog url.  ^_^


All what I'm saying is as long as Apple remains on "X" version, no great changes are to be expected.

I guessed that macOS might be combined with iOS, and finally... Maybe they will be the same.  :rofl:


Some crazy ideas:

1 - 3D Touch in Launchpad

2 - HomeKit/HealthKit for macOS

3 - Apple News for macOS


Perhaps just some jokes.  :hysterical:

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Hey guys, just to give you a heads up: The Install macOS .app doesn't register into your purchases, so after 10.13 gets released 10.12 will no longer be available to download (legally, anyway). I'm downloading and making backups of it in case I need it in future.


I'm not too worried about the other versions of OS X, since they all saved to my Purchases in the App Store.

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