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Whats your Christmas Loot?


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Hey everyone, I started this topic last year, and i'd to it again this year. :)


So - I'm sat here AGAIN! on my bed typing away while i'm trying to work out why the Quiet CPU function wont work on my motherboard.


I'm getting for a Christmas


An iPhone < -- Not my Decision -->

Some 2GB stick of ram

4GB Memory Stick (key capture for college :( )

4GB Memory Card

£20 iTunes card - I'll be legal for Christmas


and thats about it!


What are YOU getting for Christmas?


Peace & Merry Christmas



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I'm spending Christmas with the whole of my family this year (cramped house!). Anyway, there are only two things I know that I'll be getting:

A dual-guitar stand

A nice new warm furry coat

Have a Merry Christmas everybody! :huh:

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xbox 360 premium 65NM (didnt want it without the 65nm processor)


dad took me to go find it the other day



along with


gta iv (got prepaid)


halo 3


r* table tennis


and thats about it



oh, and cash


so basically i already know what i got this year :-p

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Well, the only thing I *know* I'm getting is a rolling toolchest...


But the reason I'm posting is that my christmas started with me being woken by a phone call from a mate who got the black macbook... envy is not the word, especially first thing in the morning, but worse is that he's bringing it round on boxing day to have me set it up for him :/


Oh well..

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Well, I recently purchased and installed an ATI 3870 and a new 500WPSU (Antec Earth Watts) for my rig, so I asked for a nice 22" monitor to complement the new hardware. 17" is just too small for my tastes. Also, seems like a lot of you are getting Xboxs: my Xbox Live Gamertag is 'erei33', I'll be happy to play with any of you :) Hope you all have a merry one :D

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iPod Classic (80 GB)


20" Acer (looks great when calibrated with huey)


and ....



a CAR!



I walked outside, and my dad was like "Wow someone parked their car in the driveway". I was like "wtf, whoever did that must be stupid". Then he said "well if these keys work in it then you can have it" *light bulb* "OH!"






(old volvo, but it drives, and it has leg room)

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