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  1. now Alain, you either vidgraph or one of buildsmarts "customers".
  2. i heard buildsmart got captured by the north koreans......
  3. mifki

    I love this place

    hey, im kiko, im 40 something. and you kyler, sound like you need to get outside more. you have no friends here, none of us *actually* like you, why dont you learn to speak engrish before you come to learn stuff u "dont" know before. p.s: alessandro17 is a...well we all know what it is.
  4. mifki

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    Build on what is 10a380, build displayed during WWDC was 10a382, not much of a difference, but i assume apple wants to keep some special features out of public hands till release.
  5. mifki

    why do men get married?

    come on guys, im sure more of us were lonely
  6. Ed, your pathetic, you cant even code the scraping bot to remove the links to arstechnica.
  7. mifki

    I love this place

    its me you all love. dont forget it either
  8. mifki

    VLC 32/64-bit Universal I'm working on...

    yes but you can still theme the os x one
  9. mifki

    Insert EFI Driver

    download refit and look at bouncer.efi or something, you should get an idea of how to do it
  10. mifki

    Dear Ed

    why would you bother reading news on a dysfunctional site. you can get all the latest news off engadget and gizmodo. all this site does is copy engadget, and pretty late as well
  11. how unprofessional of you Ed, personally attacking me. ~pcwiz, the cost is having you around
  12. you are no one as well starfox, the only people who like pcwiz are stupid noobs who cant figure {censored} out. I liken pcwiz to a shady drug dealer, he gets other peoples product, cuts it up with {censored} and then resells it at a higher price.
  13. that might be because no one wants you around pcwiz. but maybe you dont see that yet.