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  1. socal swimmer

    Full Install Guide GA P35-DS3P

    Bender, About 3 months ago I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu. I wanted to use OpenCL for research, which turned out very well. Before that, I believe I never upgraded past Lion, though I imagine you can get Lion running on it. Alas, I have a Macbook Pro (which I love) so I dont have a need to do hackintosh anymore. Good luck! Lewis
  2. i have the same issue. Sapphire radeon hd 4870 1gb, dual dvi. Its quite sad, i dont know how to fix it. It was suggested to me by someone who seemed to have a similar problem on his dual nvidia 8600 cards that something is trying to access the gpu sensors, something like AppleLPC, SMBus, I2C, etc. I tried disabling AppleLPC but no luck. I hope this is some help, and at the very least, you know there are others with this same problem. motherboard: GA P35-DS3P
  3. socal swimmer

    48x0 latest status

    I have the same problem on my HIS 4870 1gb. I dont know what the problem is, nor how to solve it, so i think i will get an XFX, powercolor, or sapphire brand card. because all of those are confirmed working. If you or anyone else has any ideas, i would love to hear them. I did get 2 DVI displays working with QE/CI/res change.
  4. socal swimmer

    Sapphire HD 4870 - Help with Dual monitors

    have you tried the natit posted on april 2nd by netkas in the "simple guide ..." thread? It should enable dual monitors, and make the adapter unnecessary.
  5. socal swimmer

    A Message to Ed and the rest of the staff

    im guessing they do get "a little positive response", in the form of a lot of money in advertising.
  6. what are you talking about? you are just a fanboy that doesn't know anything. Apple is obviously using its communist ties to google to censor our right to freedom of information. agreed, {censored} them.
  7. socal swimmer

    OSx86 Library

    wait so was any permission granted to use those entries?
  8. socal swimmer

    AppleJack - single user mode repair utility

    you mean darwin? yeah, probably, but i havent heard of it since 6.0 (which is the equivalent to os x 10.2). you can google it ...
  9. socal swimmer

    WTC 7 "collapse" (MSNBC live)

    what did GW pee and poop just minutes before the first aircraft hit the towers? QED.
  10. socal swimmer

    All signs point to no PPC in 10.6

    lets see.... they cant reduce the size of the os on ppc why? and they cant take advantage of the dual and quad core G5s why? and they can't take advantage of the powermac video cards why? so which intel-only REFINEMENTS, exactly, are you referring to?
  11. socal swimmer

    WTC 7 "collapse" (MSNBC live)

    on a scale of 1 to it went over my head? I'd rate it a it went over my head. @ MGJulius: haha yes i thought it added to my point.
  12. socal swimmer

    WTC 7 "collapse" (MSNBC live)

    epic post is epic. and long and angry.