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  1. Closed: degenerated into flaming AGAIN...
  2. The old iwi2200 supprted WEP, but you had to use a cli tool to set passkey and it had to be in hex couplets like 00:FE:16:1B etc I don't know what happend with that, but it worked in tiger.
  3. In a sense, you just answered your own question. If your EVGA was really so flakey that it lost its cmos settings (I assume you've investigated the DSDT patches that prevent that in gigabyte boards) for no reason and you clearly have USB issues (Apple's USB stuff is definitely flakey once again there is a lot of DSDT'ery around to fix the things that exacerbate that) The power LED issue could be all sorts of things, including the fact that on some boards there is an "always on" led that shines as long as there is power to the psu or in the caps. I'm guessing that your real issue is having a board that not a lot of others have hacked & therefore your knowledge base is a little on the small side. My suggestion would be to make a shortlist of boards that fit your requirements, ideally from a vendor you use, and the google hell out of them to find which one has the most known about it and/or the least documented issues. At the end of the day, that result is going to be way more accurate & useful to you than any response you'll get from a post like this.. after all, I could have picked a board at random & recommended it, and you might just have believed me.... which brings me back to my first point: your only limitation is yourself, and BTW, a pre-made DSDT isn't such a good idea, especially with all the knowledge and editors available now, customising one for just your machine is easier and more likely to succeed than ever. So if you still have the bug, go for it & good luck!
  4. Welcome to the world of hackintoshing, where the only limitation is your own skill. If you want no effort, there *really* NO, SERIOUSLY! Really is no alternative to a real Mac. There is no "Just works" PC hardware. People post questions like this every day. If there was a sensible answer it would be stickied in big letters at the top of the new users section. As there isn't, people should stop asking & use the fabulous resources at their disposal to research their own builds instead. Maybe this just isn't for you?
  5. YES YOU CAN.. it's just that you're doing it wrong here as well.. trying one thing after another instead of working through it systematically is a waste of time & effort. Advising others to do so is misinformation.
  6. Hagar


    Closing topic to stop floods of people going "are we there yet?" "I can test" "it works in linux" and all the usual mindless spam. If anyone gets something working despite the memory access issue, they can start a new topic. And sure enough, it has happened: New Topic for driver
  7. Hagar

    stuttering audio and video

    Expecting better from vmware is a waste of time. Editing video that way is just pure fantasy.
  8. Hagar

    Old OSx86 user looking for help

    Experienced user should know better than to post this kind of thing. Take what you put in your post and put it in a search instead. You may not be aware that "versions of osx86" is a dead concept since the retail install thing happened a couple of years back. Best of luck, but Please, Please, Please don't ever post like this again.
  9. Hagar

    MacDrive Lost ALL Data. RECOVERY OPTIONS?

    This is quite a common problem, unfortunately. The best solution I've found is DiskWarrior.
  10. Hagar

    Is it possible for my processor to work

    Athlon/Athlon XP has no sse2, so no. Athlon64 is minimum for any version of OS X
  11. Hagar

    iLife '11 is out of da box

    Point taken, best regards, yourself
  12. Hagar

    Laptop Buying Advice

    The reason things are hard to find is because people like yourself keep posting rather than reading & learning, adding to the clutter and "noise". The cardinal rule for new users should be: read till your eyes bleed, try, try again, google your errors, read more, try some more, and finally when you have an error you can't get past, and plenty of information to go with it, and ONLY then.. should you even consider posting a question. The general principle is that those who have knowledge should post, those who don't should read & learn until they do. This way information flows properly. The opposite is for people to turn up & ask questions, expecting answers just for them. I know this is contrary to human nature, as most people quite demonstrably are selfish, opportunistic and lazy, but that is why this place is moderated, rather than being a free-for-all which would result in the whole place being dumbed down to the point of uselessness. Recently we have had another rash of people posting "I've got a laptop, can someone tell me if it can run os x and if so explain how in simple steps?" It's NOT for everyone. It's NOT a "cheap mac for iPhone dev or running FCP/Pro Tools" it's NOT a point-and-click process. It IS a fun and rewarding hobby for those who are that way inclined, but they are being choked & drowned by all the people wanting a free ride. The bottom line is that unless you learn about bootloaders and kexts, about terminal commands and ACPI tables, about the most intimate details of your hardware and how os x relates to it, you're not going to have a very satisfying experience anyway, so you might as well not bother. Oh, and by the way, ignoring novices as you suggest doesn't work, they just end up getting bad answers from people with little more experience than themselves, answers which then propagate and get repeated as correct, with predictably bad results.
  13. Hagar

    iLenovo G550

    O RLY
  14. Hagar

    Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    This topic is of absolutely no use to anyone other than rawdog805, and covers nothing that isn't already on the site, so basically amounts to "noise" or clutter a.k.a. junk posting. If verdant doesn't regret replying to this topic yet, then I question his sanity, even if his patience is to be admired. For suture reference, such topics are a BAD THING. they may help 1 person, but they increase the difficulty for those who come after by making it harder to find decent knowledge amongst the noise. Helping 1 whilst hampering many is not useful, however well-meaning.
  15. Hagar

    Sound Broken after forcing 64bit boot

    ......and this is why kludges like [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] are a bad idea. Find your audio chipset and search for a better solution, there are sure to be 64-bit compatible solutions out there, but don't expect a point-&-click interface. Removing your existing kexts (providing you know precisely what got installed where) and setting things up properly by hand shouldn't take very long, but you may have to do some learning on the way.