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  1. rathalos

    Snow Leopard Bugs.

    i found a bug in stacks... with relation the the download folder stack... the files shown in the stack is a double duplicate of the number of files inside the actual folder.... attached screenie: SCREENIE
  2. haha... i dunno... anyway, i installed 10a286 on my mbp... and i took a look at the quicktime X... I think the interface really has got a lot more to go to be polished up b4 it is actually aesthetically balanced... Black colour title bars look really awkward for quicktime... and its against HI guidelines for apple.... so i'm waiting to see how they will improve it.... anyway, 10a286 breaks more things, even though its much more stable in the core... coolbook works in 10a261, but in 10a286, its totally broken.... all forms of menu crackers are broken, so those who like to have the neat looking stats menu items will have to wait for a 10.6 version of the cracker to be out.... the Carbon desktop is acting really wierd and its totally not polished up well... icons cannot be arranged according to "snap to grid" preference.... and the distance between the icons and the text is way off.....
  3. Someone on the green demon has kindly posted up some screenshots and videos of the new Quicktime X in action... here's the link (its in espanol): http://www.ipodizados.com/3389/video-quick...06-snow-leopard
  4. rathalos

    New Safari 4 beta on Snow Leo?

    Safari beta 4 is now included inside the latest SL seed 10a286........
  5. rathalos

    Snow leopard about to be released

    i expect to see announcement of snow leopard officially to the public on march 24.... my 2 cents: snow leopard official beta for the masses will be ready on 24 mar, the time when the craze dust about windows 7 settles down.... and the official final release date will be announced on 24 mar together with the announcement of wwdc 2009....
  6. rathalos

    New Safari 4 beta on Snow Leo?

    appearently safari 4 installer is packaged in the manner of 10.6's package kit.... meaning u cant look inside the package and edit and restrictions imposed on the installation..... that would also mean that its now easier for malicious coders to add code to an installer and compile the whole thing and make it harder to be detected...
  7. rathalos

    OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    Anyway, tried my Snow leopard today (build 10a261)... It might be fast and snappy, but i think its really buggy also..... like i couldnt boot into loginwindow on my second boot, and the whole GUI hung up at the spinning line wheel and occasionally flashing the mouse cursor... i think its really far from being a stable release... Finder window preferences are totally screwed up and refusing to remember default preferences.. plus the vertical grid spacing is totally screwed... its so god damn huge...i could easily fit one extra row of icons in between the spaces..... plus all the cool little hacks like istat needs lots of work with the menu cracker cos it doesnt work in snow leo.... went back to leopard in about 15min of playing around...
  8. rathalos

    Rumor : 3 different versions of OS X

    Dude, there is only 2 versions of Mac OS X available.... It exist from the times of when OS X first began.... Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.... The idiot on that trulymac wordpress page only posted that one particular topic for his whole damn blog.... It means its a totally shady business rumor with no reliable source.... Plus anyone with decent photoshop skills can replicate the same image... The guy is obviously trying to buy more viewers by making apple look like microsoft and the 6 expensive flavors of windows... In the ADC builds, there are only 2 version, OS X and server and we will see likewise only 2 flavors at point of release.... though i speculate that the price of snow leopard will be cheaper than that of leopard...
  9. rathalos

    Hackingtosh vs iMac, costing

    actually, to make this a fair judgement on price, we need to compare all the parts with the exact sames parts being sold on the market... ie, instead of Kingston ram, apple uses Samsung rams.... with that, we are able to see more clearly the actual differences in the pricing is...
  10. rathalos

    iWork '09 trojan beware!

    thank god i grabbed iwork 09 off apple's sites the hour it was released and grabbed the serial 7 hrs from the keynote... lol..
  11. its coming to singapore also!!!!!! woot!!! MAJULAH SINGAPURA!!!!
  12. ]XXP/Tux should be banned for impersonating a penguin...
  13. rathalos

    The first Mac you ever used.

    the first i ever used was a G4 tower and and iMac g3 and a Dual proc G5 tower... all in school, at my art room lab.... i took art that time... lol...
  14. rathalos

    cs3 apps, iWeb crashes in Leopard

    simple... open terminal app type this: sudo rm -rf / and then type in your password... after that pick up a copy of winblows and dump it in ur com... viola!!! u can open exe files!!!
  15. rathalos

    What's in Your Dock?

    This is my dock, whose arrangement has been with me ever since the dawn of os x86... lol... never changed much of the arrangement...