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  2. Numberzz

    U.S Presidency

    ...which is why Barack Obama should be President of the United States! Seriously people, get back on topic.
  3. Numberzz


    I'm going to be honest here, we all know that in order to have OSx86 installed on your PC you have to download a copy of a Leopard disk image. But we don't provide you with that. YOU have to find it yourself. If you can't find it, then maybe you should PM someone (not me).
  4. Numberzz

    U.S Presidency

    As sad as that sounds, hence the " ," that is true. Within two years, I will be moving to another country. I was thinking either Canada, because of the distance to my family, or Sweden, because Sweden is awesome.
  5. Numberzz

    U.S Presidency

    How would you like it if we didn't have socialized libraries, or public schools? Put yourself in a situation where you are a family man, who doesn't make a lot of money. Now don't you think it is nice that you can send your kids to school paying anything, and that they can go to a library for absolutely no cost to do some homework, or read a book. Now what if your son or daughter got beaten up, and that you didn't have a health care plan, and you were already tight on money. You can't afford the cast that she needs on her arm. What do you do? Now, some people would say, and I have actually heard people saying this, "get a job." Now my response to those people would be to go and shut the hell up. It is a right of the citizens to have health care.
  6. Numberzz

    U.S Presidency

    That's a good thing Another good thing What? Uh...no. I don't think "friends" is the right word, maybe "people who were on the same committee together." Actually, his VP is Joe Biden His friends aren't terrorists, and the United States government is the bad guy. Happy to correct you, now go sodomize yourself with a retractable baton. Polite as always, ~Numberzz
  7. You can use Transmission as a bittorrent client in Mac OS X. Download the same torrent files, and point them to the shared area that both OS X and Vista can access. Then Transmission should recognize that some of the data is there, and continue from where it left off.
  8. Numberzz

    Bad Grammar

    but pl0x man, i reely n33d 2 type faster and stuff and that is much bettre cuz itz faster lulz
  9. Numberzz

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    That is not an image link. An image link would have .jpg at the end. Such as "http://www.example.com/files/desktop.jpg." The link you have just happens to be a website that only has a picture on it. Anyways, nice desktop
  10. I vote to keep the government out of our intertubes. I think the smarter among us can decide what is real information or complete or total BS. If someone is stupid enough to think that something idiotic is, indeed, correct, then maybe they deserve to be tricked. I usually am in favor of government interference is some aspects of our lives, but the internet isn't one of them.
  11. I don't know why you even brought that up? For one thing, only 5900 people (as of now) people have voted for this poll. And you ever stopped to think that the people that believe in conspiracy theories are the same people that visit these obscure German websites so they can vote in a poll that makes them think that there are other Germans that believe conspiracy theories and maybe they should do something about it? Now that is where it's at! You just hit the nail on the head, my friend. I don't think that anyone could not have said it any better than you just did.
  12. ^^ He is from Europe, if you look he used the corret time by saying "18:00" instead of "6:00 PM." Anyways, I find that FedEx happens to be the best one, while UPS is usually a little sketchy. But that's just my experiences though.
  13. Numberzz

    British friends, time to join the Euro?

    Harsh words for the person that actually started the topic.
  14. You can't unlock a 3G iPhone.
  15. Numberzz

    R.I.P Prawker

    I know his address, but I don't think that he would have wanted me giving out his address on the internet. The said thing about him is that his AIM account is still signed on his cell phone. I'd take it off, but I just don't want to.