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  1. Headrush69

    For the Love of Flash! (Update)

    Apple actively dropped support to screw Adobe or the APIs changed as they often do between major OS revisions?
  2. Headrush69

    Intel GMA 950 Quartz Extreme

    ++ Having struggled reading thread after thread of what amounted to outdated info, this solution work 100% with my desktop ID 2772 GMA 950. No GMA patch to Chameleon, no modified KEXTs. Basically you extract your DSDT, add two "patches" listed above, compile this DSDT and place in appropriate place for Chameleon to inject on boot. To simplify the process you can get EvO's DSDTSE app which has both those patches included. Simple extract, copy and paste and compile within that app. Edit: Even easier, find DSDT Editor, it will apply the patches for you.
  3. Headrush69

    Apple potential patent kill switch in the works

    Although this article is making play throughout the internet, (just like the old Apple kill switch ability), I highly doubt we'll see this as a method for bouncing jailbreak users. Considering the government in the USA just allowed a DMCA exemption for jailbreaking cel phones, Apple would be in a legal hornet's nest and a terrible PR mess (worse than antenna gate) if they tried that. Sure than can do all they want to make jailbreaking harder and/or say it voids your warranty, but to actively implement a kill switch after this ruling, I don't see even Apple being that stupid.
  4. Headrush69

    Should Apple Sell OSX For Use On A PC?

    Total fallacy. If a driver causes a BSOD on Windows, the majority of the population blames Windows, not the driver. The same thing would happen on OSX and any problems from people trying it for the first time would reflect poorly on OS X. Highly doubt it. For the most part consumers aren't usually very smart or not very educated when it comes to technical differences and then tend to only focus on the price and very "abstract/marketing" numbers. When I say abstract numbers, I mean things like a screen size or cpu speed. We know because 2 LCDs are both 15.1" doesn't mean then are equal or that 2 CPUs listed at the same speed can be quite different. Design of computers can only get you so far and eventually you would see hardware sales drastically drop. (At least at their current pricing levels and at drastically lower levels, when does Apple stop being an innovator and just not another box maker like Dell? ) OS X would also have to deal with massive piracy. I know the great utopian idea is that Apple users are good citizens and buy a legal copy of OS X but in practice it would likely be no different than with Windows which we know is pirated at an incredibly high volume.
  5. Headrush69

    10.6.2 Released!

    Backup 10.6.1 mach_kernel and then restore after update and all working fine. (Re-run NetbookInstaller after reboot. IF your not using this you should be )
  6. Headrush69

    Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    I don't understand how you think Apple should have contacted you. According to the EULA and eBays rules, you had an offending ad. Apple noticed it and contacted eBay and eBay agreed and removed the ad. (Obviously this seems like the fastest method to have an offending ad removed than trying to contact and communicate directly with sellers. Not saying you, but I'm sure many sellers would ignore correspondence and/or still sell it. Obviously the goal for Apple is to remove the ad, NOT to have to go after the seller.) If anything, you beef sounds like it should be with eBay and how they handled the removal. (Although your ultimate goal sounds like it wasn't to abide by the rules and refund the money anyways but to try to complete the sale.)
  7. Agreed. Having both a 20" and 24" iMac, the difference is remarkable. But in this day of $$$ being the absolute most important factor these are the type of short cuts I hope Apple doesn't use to appease the I can make it cheaper crowd.
  8. Headrush69

    Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    So maximizing profit = pompous and offensive? Comparing business models between MS and Apple is pointless as they aren't even selling the same products/services. Additionally, simple comparisons ignore all other factors and assume everything works in a void. So you admit that the product itself is worthwhile, but hardware costs are ridiculous? So is it safe to assume you at least bought a legal copy of OS X to compensate them for that work which isn't over priced? Sure some people do but a lot more people don't. No matter what excuses or reasoning we may come up to justify this, simple fact is many people are cheap and if they weren't using a pirated OS X, they'd be using a pirated Windows OS.
  9. Headrush69

    Probably a Quad core error?!

    This looks more similar to the old large memory and ATA driver problem. (There is a long thread about this, sorry no link of hand.) As a test can you switch to using the AHCI disk driver instead of the SATA driver? (In BIOS) And/or can you remove 2 DIMMS and run with only 2GB of RAM and see if the problem still occurs? If either of those steps doesn't produce the error, we know that's the problem.
  10. I can't speak for the Q8300. I've just read many many comments asking the same question as you and the answer is overwelmingly to go with the Q6600. The Q6600 has hardware support for virtualization which Parallels can take advantage of. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware-assi..._virtualization
  11. Headrush69

    Do Mac's get viruses?

    Hmm, you would think viruses for other UNIX/Linux/BSD based machines would be rampant too then since they run the majority of the Internet servers. If it was predominately due to marketshare, why did Mac OS 7 - 9 have so many viruses/spyware compared to OS X, when OS X is so much more popular? Obviously OS design plays a big part too. Frankly it doesn't matter if OS X can get viruses, it can spread them to Windows based machines. Anytime an outbreak hurts the Internet, it affects us all, so with free scanning options it doesn't really hurt to be on guard.
  12. Some more facts: The Q9300 has SSE4 supports. The Q9300 DOESN'T have Intel® Virtualization Technology. Hyperthreading is not a huge deal and it's benefits for some applications is less than dramatic. (Hence why Intel stopped using it for some time.) (You can look it up on wikipedia for more details.) If you are going to overclock, the Q6600 is probably a safer pick, just because its been out longer and has been well tested and OC'd. If you plan to run Parallels or VMware Fusion, go with the Q6600 for sure hands down. The Q6600 is a pretty powerful chip and although the faster FSB of the Q9300 might create a faster CPU (by the numbers), the practical differences are likely to be even less significant. (My Q6600 was under utilized on pretty much all tasks except for video encoding.)
  13. Headrush69

    Any FCP alternatives for mac?

    Great way to evaluate software. http://www.apple.com/ilife/imovie/ Pretty easy to see for yourself if it fits your needs. I believe they have some videos demonstrations and tutorials on there too.
  14. Headrush69

    Crossover and Bios Motherboard updates

    Not a good task to leave to WINE. Download a DOS based boot CD and putting your Updater.exe and BIOS onto a USB key is probably a safer bet.
  15. I think its more OEM drivers than total hardware support. Linux seems to do it alright. (Neglecting closed hardware which isn't really Linux's fault) Stability wise Windows XP forward has been much improved. Although this is certianly true windows is targeted more, I think this reasoning minimizes the fact that UNIX cores OSes have had better security features over the years. (Not saying it's perfect.) If popularity was one of the bigger reasons and not core OS design, why did OS 7.x - 9.x have so many viruses/spyware compared to OS X and why aren't more Unix viruses around when it runs 50% of the net's servers? True. The biggest security risk is still the user and software can only do so much. Additionally, Macs can still forward viruses to Windows users. Any virus that hurts the Internet hurts us all. Time will indeed tell.