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  1. I finally added you to my friends list

  2. (MoC)

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Will try this in a few seconds: Intel 5520 Chipset Dual Quad Core Xeon CPUs WORKS FINE
  3. So, are you back in black? xD I decided to come back to do some support but it has been so long I have been trying to catch back up, I think I am there :)

  4. (MoC)

    Terrible comment or funny joke?

    Is it me or do people in this country lack the ability to understand satire. It was a joke; grow up. I'm personally amazed that you look out for these things Nonny. You should grow up as well. What debate does this prove? "Oh that's automatically being racist because it suggests that black people can't solve government issues".
  5. I'll sound hypocritical but stroke has a point about something. It's still hardware information, and it's not something you can plagerize. The thing in this situation is that they copied the information and pasted it the way we had it displayed, or close enough. It's a double edged sword.
  6. I have much respect for you, realityiswhere, but please recognize that InsanelyMac isn't giving credit where credit is due.
  7. This reminds me when back in the day they made Apple clones that ran 7 and 8. Hell I think I even have one lying around the house.
  8. Delete all your current entries and start from scratch as most of them are from OSx86 Library. We had members come and make entries alone, if a site that's seperate from InsanelyMac can, then so can InsanelyMac itself.
  9. (MoC)

    New InsanelyMac!?

    I would rather not use Wordpress for the frontpage as it's really vunrable to XSS and other small exploits. Someone who's pissed can do whatever they want...
  10. What socket CPU? I might want to interest you in a swap. I'll pay for difference of speed and cash both ways. I have a 2.8 HT.
  11. (MoC)

    New InsanelyMac!?

    Yeah Kiko's right, they're making tons off of this website and they think we're stupid. This is probably one of their highest income sites. And they also have other sites that they host. +1 Kiko!
  12. Abyssian would like to know for the tax information! Nothing personal guys
  13. Favorite topic nomination: The new InsanelyMac?!
  14. (MoC)

    New InsanelyMac!?

    Fifth. Agreed on the design bit, I've done many and this does look like all those analogies.