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  1. Just got QE/CI + resolution change working 100% on an X1800 XT under 10.7 Lion. I added Device ID's to ATIRadeonX1000.kext and ATI1900Controller.kext. Put EVOenabler.kext into /System/Library/Extensions and rebooted (after repairing permissions). Epic.
  2. What kext do you use for the PATA / IDE Drive? Thanks, - Tim.
  3. Sabr

    Snow Leopard Distro

    Is there any reason why you can't go the boot-132 route? It's easier, quicker, and you can do it yourself as opposed to waiting for someone to make a SL install DVD for PC's (which still isn't guaranteed to be compatible with your hardware anyway)...
  4. You should try partitioning your USB stick. Make one 50MB partition (or however big you want) for chameleon, and make the second partition the one you install SL on. Then, when you boot to the USB stick, you will boot to the chameleon partition, and the choose the SL partition within the Chameleon boot menu. I did something similar to this, except rather than installing SL to the second partition, I restored the SL install DVD to it so I could install it to my HD (kind of like a boot-132 CD, except using a USB stick instead). Nevermind what I just said - as min3z said, you can install SL to any sort of disk, whether it's a USB stick or a HDD (making a Live DVD is something else)... What southbridge does your motherboard have? Sounds like it's having a hard time trying to find your boot device, but without seeing what's going on under verbose mode I'm in no position to accurately give advice... - Sabr.
  5. No, I just get one 'pop' around the time when the screen is blue, right before it loads into the desktop. Edit: I doubt it makes a difference, but I'm running the 965P-DS3 - if I remember correctly, the only difference is that mine uses solid-state capacitors...
  6. No worries. But I must say, the line you're referring to: "Not loading kext com.apple.drive.AppleHDAContoller - not found and kextd not available in early boot" isn't a big deal. I think it's because the LegacyHDA kexts in /E/E have loaded before AppleHDA.kext and therefore it cannot be found. I too get this 'error' twice when booting, but my ALC883 works perfectly fine (despite the popping sound upon driver initialisation). - Sabr.
  7. Huh? It looks like it's IONetworkingFamily.kext from here. I had the same problem - it would only let me boot using the 64bit kernel. I had to delete IONetworkingFamily.kext from /Extra/Extensions (which didn't serve a purpose for me anyway), then rebuild Extensions.mkext for it to allow me to boot 32bit...
  8. Where exactly did you put your dev/vendor ID's? It sounds like you put them inside EVOenabler, but they should be in ATI4800Controller.kext
  9. I installed SL onto a brand new drive this way and it would kernel panic - but all I had to do was set the correct permissions on kexts and rebuild mkexts and it's running fine now. I left it running all day/night and it has no problems at all. I also had to reinstall BSD.pkg but apart from that, it's fine.
  10. Use Pacifist to to extract them from the install DVD. Don't forget to set correct permissions / rebuild mkexts though!
  11. Do you not have it working? I'm using the 965P-DS3 and have my ALC883 audio working through a patched AppleAzaliaAudio.kext. It only allows for stereo output though, so it's not the most elegant solution...
  12. Snow Leopard is configured by default not to show ANY internal hard disks on the desktop. Open up your Finder preferences to change this...
  13. Ok - here's what I'm using. Forget what I said about ATINDRV/ATIRNDRV, I don't need them. Keep all the default SL ATI kexts in /System/Library/Extensions. Put your dev/vend ID's in the ATI4800Controller.kext plist. Put EVOenabler in the /Extra/Extensions. Rebuild both of your Extensions.mkext's (you can use Kext utility if you're not a Terminal geek). Reboot and it should be working.
  14. Well that's weird. I had my DVI => VGA adapter in when I first booted, but was experiencing screen halts every 2 - 3 seconds. I took it out and swapped the port the monitor was in and now I don't have any issues at all... Maybe you should try the other port for your monitor?
  15. Interesting... Using EVOenabler, ATINDRV, and ATIRNDRV I can now boot without the need for the DVI => VGA adapter in the second port.