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  1. Hi Soundless

    I'm not really a board admin, I just registered and upped myself so my comment would hold weight.

    I'm mark@fubra.com, and I run Fubra's hosting operations. That makes me about the best person to comment on any server issues this site experiences :)


  2. woah, who are you? i didnt know we had another admin

  3. dont u go an seal DZ's lingo!

  4. awwwwwwwwww, yeah!

  5. Thanks mate, I redesigned it, but not really sure how it looks.

  6. congrats on your new job. (you should change your avatar to match your new badge

  7. back to the retired life?

  8. no intention to... (jk)

  9. woah, you made it to admin, way to go!

  10. i didn't know IM had designers