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  1. In the theater at my school, we operate 96 lights on a computer attached to a lighting board with a dmx cable. the computer we use is some really old PC that runs windows 95. next year we are supposed to get new equipment, so like the fanboy i am, i want to get mac. My question is, does any decent theater lighting software exist for mac? i found one that can handle 24 lights, but not motion.
  2. How Do I ..... Connect To A Mac

    do you have a midi pickup on it? if its just standard pickups, and plugs into standard amps, you cant connect it straight to your computer as far as i know. you'll have to record yourself through a mic
  3. ipod touch turn into a phone vs iphone

    well, if you convert the ipod, you cant call when your not connected to the internet
  4. MacBook touch Coming in October

    holy {censored}, i want that, SO badly. i might just be able to pay for that if i sell my macbook pro
  5. New Spy Software Coming On-Line

    wow, that is frightening. im sure that people will be able to get around it, anybody want to start a new isp company which wont partake in things like this?
  6. R.I.P Prawker

    rest in peace, Prawker.
  7. Jewish Internet Defense Force

    only a sith deals in absolutes if israel wants the worlds support and acceptance, they need to stop doing things like this
  8. Should you be able to bear Arms?

    i personally think the second amendment should stay, i like the idea that i can have a gun if i choose to.
  9. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    MoC is banned because im in a bad mood, and he is the first name i saw, so ima take my anger out on him
  10. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    booger sniffer is banned because he sniffs boogers instead of cocaine
  11. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    running with scissors is banned for running with scissors
  12. Graffiti

    now after being in this culture for a longer period of time, i dont think it is about expressing yourself as much, it is just about doing what you feel like doing. school, life, jobs, all of that really stresses a person out, but when im on a roof painting, i feel free. and people who have a problem with me painting walls, trains, abandoned buildings, trash cans and other approved surfaces, need to chill out, i am applying a color to a surface less then 1 millimeter thick. i do think that it should be illegal, half the fun is doing the illegal stuff. it does come with consequences tho, 3 of my mentors were all arrested for it, and are facing felony vandalism charges(stiky rust & maus, you will be missed). and at frenetic1amnesic, i am blond and white, and 8 of the 10 people i primarily do this with are white and from middle class families.
  13. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    your banned for making a semi racist remark to macgirl
  14. Windows steals from Mac again?

    the apple one makes sense, it is played before you choose what language to use on that computer. but the iis one is just annoying, by the time you launch that app, the computer already knows what language you use
  15. Demonoid Back Online!

    yep, i just love to post invite codes in there for everyone to try to use