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  1. Two iTunes, One Computer

    Can't I just put 7.2 in a different folder? And 8 in the app folder? Or vice-versa.
  2. Two iTunes, One Computer

    I googled it and found nothing. Anyways, I have iTunes 7.2 (simply because I refuse to have my numbered artists at the bottom), and I want to install iTunes 8 (since I'm going to need it for my iPhone). How can I have both on my Mac?
  3. R.I.P Prawker

    That is correct Marvin. It was a weird mutation of thyroid cancer as Prawker always told me.
  4. This reminds me of the Starbucks Cup Full of Joy icon. Which now makes me think if there's a whole Starbucks icon suite.
  5. R.I.P Prawker

    This put such a damper on my weekend. I miss him and his jokes with Numberzz. And the epic AppleCare call. 'You put it in the drive and install. It's like Windows.' Such an amazing quote. It's weird knowing that someone the same age as me is gone. He got me to believe that I can run Crysis. Prawker you will be dearly missed. You were taken far too soon. Rest in virtual nirvana friend.
  6. Sleep Problems With My Macbook

    I did what you said sky and it said there was no hardware problems. I've slept it a couple times for the past few days and everything seems great. Thanks.
  7. Sleep Problems With My Macbook

    Yea, I installed the newest update, and it's actually worse now. Now whenever I put it to sleep and open it back up again after say about an hour, everything freezes. Like I can go through my 4 spaces desktops, but all the programs are non-responsive. I'm considering reinstalling but is there some option to reinstall without losing everything?
  8. Partition Problems After Using Boot Camp

    Just Leopard. I tried to put OpenSUSE 11 on there but it didn't install properly.
  9. What's your job?

    Dietary Aide
  10. Soon the end of Windows?

    Lindows? Not again.
  11. Partition Problems After Using Boot Camp

    Thanks. I was about to send you a PM cause I thought no one read this part of the forum.
  12. Partition Problems After Using Boot Camp

    pretty please bump with cherries and whipped cream on a hot blonde
  13. So I partitioned with Boot Camp and I wanted to install OpenSUSE instead of XP. 1) just to see if it would actually work and 2) cause I wanted to try OpenSUSE. So apparently OS makes 3 different partitions out of the partition I put it on. I tried to delete then after the install failed (dunno why it did), but they won't delete. Two of them I formatted to HFS+ Journaled, and the third one I can do anything with cause it's formatted to Microsoft Reserved and it won't let me format it. I shut down my system and rebooted it and was finally able to delete the HFS+ partitions. But I don't have a the space available. Before the Boot Camp I had 126GB available, then I partitioned 13GB so I had 113GB. Now I still have 113GB, as opposed to 122ish. Does anyone know how I can recover those GBs and how I can delete that Reserved partition?
  14. So I'm at the airport right. I'm going to Poland for 3 weeks. My flight leaves in about 3 hours (8:45). Anywho, I get in and I go up to check my baggage in so all I have to carry is my backpack. The lady at the desk asks for my passport. Right at that point I realize I forgot my passport. Which is in another state. About 2-3 hours away. Yea....I feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. The only difference is I can actually leave the premises.