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INFOTHREAD "Nebukadnezar" (AMD+INTEL 10.4.8 Kernel)


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This is a Infothread. To report possible bugs refer to the FAQ at:



Current Kernel snapshot build is available from IRC. If you don't have IRC and want to participate the beta test, feel free to PM me.


Current Feature List:



CPU autodetection

Kernel detect now if you run AMD or INTEL and will select proper code for each manufactor. No need for diffrent kernels anymore.


VMWare support

VMware autodetection feature included. Very relayable on any cpu AMD/INTEL.


FULL AMD support with GUI

The new kernel provides everything needed to run a full featured OSx86 on a AMD SSE3 compatible processor. To run GUI you need to get the rufus patched bins, they include special opcode for a function in kernel which enables the AMD support in them.


Settings autodetection

Autodetects your setting like FSB and CPU speed.


Advanced Math

Uses a more advanced math technique to determain CPU speed up to ~1Hz accurate.


Multiple Core Problems fixed

Some machine crashed because of wrong detection of cores available, this issue has been fixed.


Video/Audio Problem solved

We solved a minor issue with general playback on AMD/Intel.


The clock is runing "in time"

The clock is running very accurate now.


Serveral additional bugfixes

Some bugs from original Apple source were fixed, not even Apple is perfect.




hope you enjoy it! And there is still space for improvements. :pirate2:


SSE2 is in production, please don't ask for a eta, this is not like munching magic cookies. :lol:

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This thred has been stickied, and will be updated when something cool and new happens.

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Hi Guys,


I think this falls in the 'Cool Catgeory'


Using the latest dvm_rc12 kernel .... Check my sig- I'm grateful to all!!!


Edit- waiting on my internet credit card to donate... Again- very grateful!!!

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Erhnam, it's the second feature mentioned in the first post.


semthex, one question: when the sse2 emulation will be ready, it will be incorporated in Nebucadnezar or there will be 2 different kernels - one for sse3 and one for sse2?

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hpet autodetection and using it on intel ichX would be good stuff.


I am not that a HPET friend, but if suggetsed I put it on my list for post-SSE2 :)


Btw. I want to announce some bug swith CPU beeing detected as Core Solo has been fixed and debug info fillign a buffer like rammjet reported has been taken out.

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AMD x2 3800 supports sse3, but there is no easy install dvd yet for AMD, so it would be a pain to get this kernel working right now, though it should work.


I'm so confused by all this... It's been ages since I last installed OSX and I've forgotten almost everything I learnt.


Can someone tell me conclusively if I will be able to install this kernel successfully on an AMD X2 3800 machine simply by following the instructions on Semthex's FAQ page? If I can, will I then be able to install Titan and get full QE/CI functionality? QE/CI is the most important thing to me right now, so if I can't get that, this is all rather pointless for me...


Oh, and great work Semthex! ;)

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