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  1. Alternative to Little Snitch

    man ipfw guys and WaterRoof if you don't want to read man
  2. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    exactly anyone wants to give me a 466 kernel and system.kext ?
  3. because you are brain damaged and can't even use ready solutions diegomax tested - all fine, no more bus errors, other guys tested - all's ok, only you have strange problems, os it makes me think you have hard damaged brain.
  4. These are your conjectures you lie
  5. it's much better to create kernel which will autodetect sse3 and then.... can't you ?
  6. Openly developing a kernel.

    Hagar, my post were about topic. there is very very small amount of peoples in this "community" who can help with kernel developing, so I do not see any reasons to open my sources e.g. and you Buildsmart will not find peoples who can really help you with it.
  7. oh ho ho... I'm very busy with real life now, University, exams....i haven't time to answer stupid buildsmarts attacks... all i'm doing - i'm doing for free...I don't ask for donations, removed all banners from my blog...and still making that work....isn't it enough to say - thank you ?
  8. blah-blah-blah....nothing more you can than just talking....
  9. don't write so long posts, i read only first few lines.
  10. no, I want to make sure you have enough skills to talk with you about anything on osx side later. maxxuss - lol tooo funny {censored} cmoski.
  11. YOu have problems with your eyes "64-bit NOW is Fixed. new kernel is available on irc - sse3-only kernel " if you want a confirmation ask DiegoMax e.g. and Nothing i should provide you, try to understand it.
  12. Buildsmart, you lie. or you have ln -s /dev/ass /dev/hands haha , so wait till apple will sue you. p.s. you wrote my name wrong, bad guy...
  13. In my kernel it fixed e.g.
  14. you can't read ze engliski ?