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  1. sambo60

    iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    Can someone answer my previous post please? How do you fix the USB kernel panic problem?
  2. sambo60

    iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    Hi guys, I tried iDeneb 1.4 just for fun, and I immediately noticed that I get a kernel panic when I plug in any USB device. Someone mentioned a fix a few pages back which involved changing a few .kexts. Can someone post the files I have to change to, because I don't want to download 1.3 just to get a couple files. My specs: evga 750i FTW motherboard q6600 @3ghz 4GB RAM @1066 160GB sata HD Thanks for the help!
  3. sambo60

    New leo4allv3 patch

    Hey Jas, will the new patch need to applied after applying the first one you released, or does it need to just be applied by itself?
  4. No matter what I try, I get an error that my media is damaged. The md5 matched, I have tried burning fast and slow, different dvd brands, disconnecting all other drives and devices, disabling usb etc. Tiger worked on this computer but leopard won't. Zephyroth's AMD dvd gives me the same error. Does anyone have any advice?? System is: AMD x2 4800+, 1gb ram, 7800gtx, nforce4, sata hard drive. Thanks!
  5. I am trying to install Leo4Allv2 on my computer. I checked the md5, which matched. I burned and verified the disk, and it passed the verify stage. I allowed the disk check in the installer, and that passed. However, it stops saying something about basebackage could not be verified and I should try again. SPECS: Amd x2 4800+, 1GB ram, nforce4 chipset, nvidia 7800gtx, sata hard drive. Do I need to reformat the destination drive? It is currently formatted in HFS+ from when I installed tiger on it. Thanks eddie for an awesome disk!!
  6. sambo60

    Latitude D610 - Working

    Ok so I tried the paperclip trick, and now I get past the blue screen and all the way to the language selection screen, but it freezes there (curser works but just spins endlessly). Does Anyone have any more ideas for me? What bios version are you using (those of you that got it working)? What bios settings? Also, if I get it to work do I need to leave the paperclip in or not? Thanks for the help!
  7. sambo60

    Latitude D610 - Working

    I'm trying to install kalyways 10.5.1 disk on a dell latitude d610 with integrated graphics. I tried -v mode and it has no errors, but all I get is a blank blue screen and nothing else happens. I tried all the bios options and no luck. Any suggestions? How did you guys make it work? How do I do this paper clip trick?
  8. Uphuck, if you look at the nforce4 sata thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...5985&st=700, you will see that a ppf was made for the tubgirl dvd. I used that one on my DFI mobo and I was able to install natively on nforce4 sata and it's perfect. It uses the driver by medevil. Why can't you do it the same way? I was really hoping you would make this work the way tubgirl's dvd did Oh well keep up the good work and please make this work next time.
  9. I second that question? Can I use this DVD to install to an nforce4 sata drive like the patched tubgirl dvd does?
  10. Hi guys, about nforce4 sata, the driver here in this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...5985&st=700 DOES work well but only for nforce4, nothing newer. If uphuck could integrate that driver as an option on the dvd that would be awesome! It still won't help people with newer nforce chipsets but it could help people like me with older nforce chipsets. Thanks!
  11. Yea nullobject, just use the Tubgirl one. I sent Jas a PM a couple days ago because I had only his Dvd, but the tubgirl dvd is well seeded and will come down fast. I just downloaded it and patched it with the ppf and my install is in business.
  12. Hi guys! I finally got tired of waiting for a ppf for the Jas dvd, so I downloaded myzar's and used his ppf. I am SOOOO happy!!! I am posting this using Mac OS X on my Amd x2 4800+ box. I have an nforce4 ultra chipset (modded to sli) and it seems to work great. Thanks a ton to medevil and to myzar for making this possible for me!! I now get 160 in xbench with no disk test and 120s with disk test, but it's still way better than before. Thanks again everyone!!
  13. Once the driver is working correctly for everyone, can someone please make a ppf for the Jas DvD with the PPF? I have been waiting for SATA forever.... Love you guys!!!
  14. How about an nforce4 sata irc channel?