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  1. I would appreciate any help on this also. I have a ASus A8n SLI SE with nforce4 board and a Sata HDD. I remember that when I had a Asrock Dual Sata II board, I could install OSX with no problem. But now I have the same problem. OSX can't mount any partition on my disk, and I can't figure it out why. I tried trough the terminal, but with no sucess. I tried, in windows, to make a hfs partition, a fat32 partition (logical and primary), but there's no way I can get OSX installation to mount the partition.
  2. parallels under OS X (JaS) no audio

    A quick follow up if any one cares... I now have sound in XP, and the fix was drop dead simple. Since I have an ALC861, I have to use AppleAzilla for audio, which currently is audio out only... In the VM configuration, by default if you enable audio it enables audio out AND in... setting audio in in the VM's configuration is all it took to get sound out working.
  3. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I've gone through this entire thread more than once (yes, all 28 pages!) and the conclusion I am coming to is that there is not currently any support for a realtek alc 861, and the only option there is appleazilla? Just looking for confirmation that I'm getting this right?
  4. Keyboard not working on Win XP logon

    I booted with a BartPE CD (as Win XP is running on NTFS) and copied the MacBookPro.dat to Setting.dat as you suggested... and SUCCESS! The fn+ctrl+alt+Backspace is working again! I suppose the Settings.dat file was corrupt after all... Thank you for your great help Beliyaal! Cheers, vEmpire P.S. The size of the Settings.dat file was 4kb in Mac OS, but BartPE showed a 1kb size...
  5. Keyboard not working on Win XP logon

    I will try copying the MacBookPro.dat and let you know what happens. By the way, my Settings.dat file is 4kb at the moment, but I would be very happy if you could upload an another one for me to try that possibility too... thanks in advance. No external USB keyboard around I am afraid... I am planing to get one at the office tomorrow thou if the problem persists. Thanks again.
  6. Keyboard not working on Win XP logon

    Thank you for you swift reply Beliyaal. I don't know if the backlight and the other support still works, as I can not login into Win Xp. The keyboard is working fine within Mac OS X... Is there anything I could change on the Windows volume that could force Windows to bypass IR on Win XP logon? I forgot to mention that I am on a MacBook Pro... Thanks again.
  7. Hi all, I have had the latest version of IR installed for some time now and it worked perfectly... But, as of yesterday the fn+ctrl+alt+backspace combination is not being recognized at Win XP Pro logon. So no more Win XP logon... Has anyone have this problem before? I have put back a copy of the "Apple Keyboard Support" map, back to the Windows volume but it did not help. Is there a way to let Win XP use the "standard" Apple key mapping? Thanks in advance.
  8. So now that things are relatively solid, the feature that I would like to tackle next is getting iChat running fully. I have HD audio out only working with azilla, on a realtek 0861. There does not appear to be a viable kext edit for getting audio in working. I can get a USB audio stick and just use the audio in (since I want the lappy speakers for output) but I'm not 100% certain I'll have that kind of option, though I suspect I will, then get a seperate usb webcam, use macam and then use iChatUSBCam to get the webcam to function in iChat. There are several USB webcams that also have mic's on them, but from what I've read, there is no success using the video and the audio in at the same time. I suppose one option is an iSight? But I don't know that I've seen anyone actually using one on non apple hardware. It does appear to be suggested a lot, but no reports on anyone actually using it. Any idea's on what the best way to go to get audio and video in working in addition to the current azilla audio out? Thanks.
  9. Hi can anyone guide me where to look for the Mac rom so I can flash my PC PNY GeForce 3 TI200? I am a noob and I can't find any Mac rom to flash. Please help!
  10. I've seen a couple of "add on" two finger scrolling solutions (sidetrack and iscorll2 on sourceforge) but neither will work on my toshiba. Are there any options to get two finger scrolling and/or two finger context menu clicking on non apple hardware? I set up a brand spanking new macbook that I bought my son for Christmas, and now I'm jealous thanks.
  11. Hey I have a Mac G4 QuickSilver and I have a PNY Geforce 3 Ti200 with 64MB I want to hack it so I can use it in my mac. Does anyone know if this is possible. I am new at this please help!
  12. parallels under OS X (JaS) no audio

    I had tools installed by the way, this issue occurs before the OS even begins to boot... I did uninstall and re-install them. From some of the reading I've done, this appears to be an appleazilla does not play nice with parallels issue. Unfortunately, the fix for AppleHDA does not seem to be going in a direction of supporting the 861 (yet?) so I'm likely to have to try out a USB stick and see what happens.
  13. parallels under OS X (JaS) no audio

    Yikes, I was going to get a USB solution this weekend, now you've got me scared of that! I was going to see if I could get a fully functional iChat set up going, with sound in/out and video.
  14. Sound Doesn't Work in 10.4.8

    I was able to get the 861 running using the azilla kext... check out this how to... you're likely going to use the following values: ox10ec0861 and 0x27d88086 but follow the appendix at the bottom of the post to make sure. You might also want to update to the latest kernel that helped with my audio a lot. follow this how to by rammjet for that.
  15. anyone have any updates on this issue? I'm having the same problem with a realtek 861 and the latest parallels build using an up to date semethex kernel. I get the loopback will be used error, but no sound under XP. I too am using the azilla fix for audio since appleHDA doesn't yet support this chip set. thanks!