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  2. Is there a place where one can download tons of essential Apps in one package? Instead of downloading each App separately... There was once a Software for Starving Students that offered many Apps that could be all downloaded at once, but they are no longer in production... Please post if you know of any App compilations, thank you.
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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    ok i reinstalled selecting efi only and not both efi and no-efi and usb works perfectly now ill update later if needed oh yeah and i have this problem with my external HD it is recognized and everything but i cannot copy files onto the HD under get info and permissions it says "you can only read" is there anyway to change that?
  4. 7210211

    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    i just installed it and everything is pretty much all good cpu was recognized with 2 cores and sse3 video card was recognized wih quartz extreme audio works perfectly but funny thing my usb drive and portable hard drive would not recognize even though my mouse and keyboard are usb powered also and for me there is a long pause (with a black screen) during start up its after the gray screen apple loading and before the wallpaper shows up thanks!
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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    relax just look at your torrent client. demonoid is wrong as of now basically only bhast2 has the file and is sharing it rest of the ppl are at around 88.3% right now
  6. Hey JaS, great to see you back with an official release! The LEGEND is BACK!
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    iATKOS v2.0i

    so everyone who dl-ed the old one has a bad copy?
  8. hey JaS! on the IRC channel it only has the ppf can you link us the main component ?
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    Can someone help me with iAtkos

    how'd you get past the "missing operating system"?
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    iATKOS R2

    I've installed uphuck's iATKOS r2 and when it trys to boot up for the first time it says "Missing Operating System".... Anyone else get this and have any advice? Thanks btw im trying it on a sony vgn-fz240e
  11. well the take a pic thing worked with me... the built in web cam could take my picture... but i didn't have any audio which was a turn off for me... plus the resolutions didn't fill up the whole screen
  12. hey, yea i have almost the same laptop model number a bit different... but i get the same lies with uphuck... and i can't get kalyway leopard to work either... what about you?
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    Uphuck or Kalyway

    anyone try these distros on laptops?
  14. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    yes i know it that, but when i'm installing i freeze at the last part of the installation... right before the reboot countdown