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  1. Ati MSI x1950xtx driver for 10.4.8 ?

    Say again, xt or xtx? Isn't your card's fan running at full speed all the time?
  2. Sapphire x1950xtx - Works full CI QE Rotation etc

    Well, I don't know about you, but I had QE and CI before installing Natit (and a lot of mouse tearing, of course). Natit is basically enabling resolution changing and display rotation (I'm not sure about dual display) so I don't see why the fan should run at full speed...
  3. Sapphire x1950xtx - Works full CI QE Rotation etc

    OK, then you're set with the noise issue. My question to you: is the vcard fan still running at full speed? And you just don't hear it because of the case... Or is it spinning slower? I'm looking for a solution to make the fan spin slower (it must be one, since without Natit the fan is running at a normal speed)... And another question to you, flatlyna (sorry for being off topic): is RealtekR1000.kext causing kernel panics to your hackint0sh?
  4. Sapphire x1950xtx - Works full CI QE Rotation etc

    flatlyna, having the same video card myself, I was unable to find the solution for lowering the fan speed. Placing a case fan will not help (I have 2 case fans running), so I presume OS X is forcing the card fan to run at full speed (which is not a good thing).
  5. Tip for buying ATI videocards

    From my experience I can say that although X1950XTX is working natively (that is with QE and CI enabled by default), mouse tearing is omnipresent and after applying Natit Uni the screen is blank (even in safe mode) - the display is connected directly on DVI (I read somewhere that it is possible to work with a DVI-to-VGA adapter...). 10.4.8.ATI.radeon.x1x00.pcie package from JaS 10.4.8 is a dead end also... I haven't tried with BorisBaderov method though... Still busy fighting a kernel panic that occurs after about 35 minutes of running.
  6. FenĂȘtres Volantes

    Great screensaver! I'm using it for over 2 months now. ...and the link: http://www.objective-cocoa.org/fenetresvol...n/index_en.html
  7. Erhnam, it's the second feature mentioned in the first post. semthex, one question: when the sse2 emulation will be ready, it will be incorporated in Nebucadnezar or there will be 2 different kernels - one for sse3 and one for sse2?
  8. problem with iTunes update

    Or run iTunes 7 as PPC app. It's slower, but hey, you're running iTunes 7! Here's how you tweak it http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=188258
  9. What about the SHA1? Mine, obtained with MD5summer is 6dc1174b738798f7dfd3e7e3b1454f6d082d011e ...and the md5 with http://www.georgejopling.co.uk/md5check/md5check.html is 0ce3ffcee4f5b01f90edc503790560ed This is very strange...
  10. cageman, with that tool I get the same checksum as you did. Otherwise, I get the checksum like the rest of the people... (using http://www.md5summer.org/)
  11. cool litle burn software

    Yeap, it's here too http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=31637 But this section of the forum seems appropriate.
  12. Yeap, looks interesting. Thanks.
  13. Print CD/DVD covers

    Of course, there are Disc Cover and Disc Label. Unfortunately none of them are free... You can crack them though... :glare:
  14. New JaS DVD

    Hooray, 3 seeders!!!
  15. New JaS DVD

    I wonder what ratio will JaS have when those people which are at 39% will finish...